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func BuildTask

func BuildTask(t *TaskStruct) (*pb.EnqueueRequest, error)

BuildTask build task

func BuildTaskBuild

func BuildTaskBuild(t *BuildTaskStruct) (*pb.EnqueueRequest, error)

BuildTaskBuild build task

func CreateDBManager

func CreateDBManager(conf option.Config) error

CreateDBManager get db manager TODO: need to try when happend error, try 4 times

func CreateEventManager

func CreateEventManager(conf option.Config) error

CreateEventManager create event manager


type BuildTaskStruct

type BuildTaskStruct struct {
	TaskType string
	TaskBody []byte
	User     string

BuildTaskStruct build task struct

type ConDB

type ConDB struct {
	ConnectionInfo string
	DBType         string

ConDB struct

type K8SManager

type K8SManager struct {
	K8SConfig string

K8SManager struct

func (*K8SManager) NewKubeConnection

func (k *K8SManager) NewKubeConnection() (*kubernetes.Clientset, error)

NewKubeConnection new k8s config path

type MQManager

type MQManager struct {
	EtcdEndpoint  []string
	DefaultServer string

MQManager mq manager

func (*MQManager) NewMQManager

func (m *MQManager) NewMQManager() (*client.MQClient, error)

NewMQManager new mq manager

type OpentsdbManager

type OpentsdbManager struct {
	Endpoint string

OpentsdbManager OpentsdbManager

func (*OpentsdbManager) NewOpentsdbManager

func (o *OpentsdbManager) NewOpentsdbManager() (tsdbClient.Client, error)

NewOpentsdbManager NewOpentsdbManager

type TaskStruct

type TaskStruct struct {
	TaskType string
	TaskBody model.TaskBody
	User     string

TaskStruct task struct

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