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func CanDoEvent

func CanDoEvent(optType string, synType int, target, targetID string) bool

CanDoEvent check can do event or not

func CloseRequest

func CloseRequest(req *http.Request)

CloseRequest close request

func CloseResponse

func CloseResponse(res *http.Response)

CloseResponse close response

func CreateEvent

func CreateEvent(target, optType, targetID, tenantID, reqBody, userName string, synType int) (*dbmodel.ServiceEvent, error)

CreateEvent save event

func UpdateEvent

func UpdateEvent(eventID string, statusCode int)

UpdateEvent update event


type APIHandleError

type APIHandleError struct {
	Code int
	Err  error

APIHandleError handle create err for api

func CreateAPIHandleError

func CreateAPIHandleError(code int, err error) *APIHandleError

CreateAPIHandleError create APIHandleError

func CreateAPIHandleErrorFromDBError

func CreateAPIHandleErrorFromDBError(msg string, err error) *APIHandleError

CreateAPIHandleErrorFromDBError from db error create APIHandleError

func CreateAPIHandleErrorf

func CreateAPIHandleErrorf(code int, format string, args ...interface{}) *APIHandleError

CreateAPIHandleErrorf create handle error

func (*APIHandleError) Error

func (a *APIHandleError) Error() string

func (*APIHandleError) Handle

func (a *APIHandleError) Handle(r *http.Request, w http.ResponseWriter)

Handle 处理

func (*APIHandleError) String

func (a *APIHandleError) String() string

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