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func CreateNode

func CreateNode(nodeID, ip string) client.HostNode

CreateNode new node


type NodeManager

type NodeManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodeManager node manager

func NewNodeManager

func NewNodeManager(conf *option.Conf) (*NodeManager, error)

NewNodeManager new a node manager

func (*NodeManager) AddAPIManager

func (n *NodeManager) AddAPIManager(apim *api.Manager) error

AddAPIManager AddApiManager

func (*NodeManager) CheckNodeHealthy

func (n *NodeManager) CheckNodeHealthy() (bool, error)

CheckNodeHealthy check current node healthy. only healthy can controller other service start

func (*NodeManager) GetCurrentNode

func (n *NodeManager) GetCurrentNode() *client.HostNode

GetCurrentNode get current node

func (*NodeManager) GetMonitorManager

func (n *NodeManager) GetMonitorManager() monitor.Manager

GetMonitorManager get monitor manager

func (*NodeManager) InitStart

func (n *NodeManager) InitStart() error

InitStart init start is first start module. it would not depend etcd

func (*NodeManager) Start

func (n *NodeManager) Start(errchan chan error) error

Start start

func (*NodeManager) StartService

func (n *NodeManager) StartService(serviceName string) error

StartService start a define service

func (*NodeManager) Stop

func (n *NodeManager) Stop()

Stop Stop

func (*NodeManager) StopService

func (n *NodeManager) StopService(serviceName string) error

StopService stop a define service

func (*NodeManager) UpdateConfig

func (n *NodeManager) UpdateConfig() error

UpdateConfig update service config


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