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func GetLogAddress

func GetLogAddress(serviceID string) string

GetLogAddress 动态获取日志服务端地址

func New

func New(ctx logger.Info) (logger.Logger, error)

New new logger

func ValidateLogOpt

func ValidateLogOpt(cfg map[string]string) error

ValidateLogOpt 验证参数


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client stream client

func NewClient

func NewClient(server string) (c *Client, err error)

NewClient 新建客户端

func (*Client) ChangeAddress

func (c *Client) ChangeAddress(server string) error

ChangeAddress 更换服务地址

func (*Client) Close

func (c *Client) Close()

Close close

func (*Client) Dial

func (c *Client) Dial() error

Dial 连接

func (*Client) IsClosed

func (c *Client) IsClosed() bool

IsClosed close

func (*Client) ReConnect

func (c *Client) ReConnect() error

ReConnect 重连

func (*Client) Write

func (c *Client) Write(message string) error

write if get a error. will close the conn.

type Dis

type Dis struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Dis dis manage

type Endpoint

type Endpoint struct {
	Name   string `json:"name"`
	URL    string `json:"url"`
	Weight int    `json:"weight"`
	Mode   int    `json:"-"` //0 表示URL变化,1表示Weight变化 ,2表示全变化

Endpoint endpoint

type ResponseBody

type ResponseBody struct {
	ValidationError url.Values  `json:"validation_error,omitempty"`
	Msg             string      `json:"msg,omitempty"`
	Bean            interface{} `json:"bean,omitempty"`
	List            []*Endpoint `json:"list,omitempty"`
	ListAllNumber int `json:"number,omitempty"`
	Page int `json:"page,omitempty"`

ResponseBody api返回数据格式

func ParseResponseBody

func ParseResponseBody(red io.ReadCloser) (re ResponseBody, err error)

ParseResponseBody 解析成ResponseBody

type StreamLog

type StreamLog struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StreamLog 消息流log

func (*StreamLog) Close

func (s *StreamLog) Close() error

Close 关闭

func (*StreamLog) Log

func (s *StreamLog) Log(msg *logger.Message) error

Log log

func (*StreamLog) Name

func (s *StreamLog) Name() string

Name 返回logger name

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