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type PGraph

type PGraph map[Pkg]PSet

func NewPGraph

func NewPGraph() PGraph

func (PGraph) AddImports

func (g PGraph) AddImports(p Pkg, extra PSet) PGraph

func (PGraph) Imports

func (g PGraph) Imports(p Pkg) (PSet, bool)

func (PGraph) Packages

func (g PGraph) Packages() PSet

func (PGraph) Walk

func (g PGraph) Walk(visit func(Pkg, PSet))

type PSet

type PSet map[Pkg]bool

func NewPSet

func NewPSet(ps ...Pkg) PSet

func (PSet) Add

func (s PSet) Add(p Pkg)

func (PSet) AddAll

func (s PSet) AddAll(t PSet)

func (PSet) Contains

func (s PSet) Contains(p Pkg) bool

func (PSet) ContainsAll

func (s PSet) ContainsAll(t PSet) bool

func (PSet) Equals

func (s PSet) Equals(t PSet) bool

func (PSet) Size

func (s PSet) Size() int

func (PSet) String

func (s PSet) String() string

func (PSet) Walk

func (s PSet) Walk(visit func(p Pkg))

type Pkg

type Pkg string

func (Pkg) HasSubpackage

func (p Pkg) HasSubpackage(q Pkg) bool

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