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Package mathNodes defines the floating-point function collection available for the GEP algorithm.



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var Math = functions.FuncMap{}/* 279 elements not displayed */

Math lists all the available floating-point functions for this package.


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type MathNode

type MathNode struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MathNode is a floating-point function used for the formation of GEP expressions.

func (MathNode) BoolFunction

func (n MathNode) BoolFunction([]bool) bool

BoolFunction is unused in this package and returns an error.

func (MathNode) Float64Function

func (n MathNode) Float64Function(x []float64) float64

Float64Function calls the floating-point function and returns the result.

func (MathNode) IntFunction added in v2.1.0

func (n MathNode) IntFunction([]int) int

IntFunction is unused in this package and returns an error.

func (MathNode) Symbol

func (n MathNode) Symbol() string

Symbol returns the Karva symbol for this floating-point function.

func (MathNode) Terminals

func (n MathNode) Terminals() int

Terminals returns the number of input terminals for this floating-point function.

func (MathNode) VectorIntFunction added in v2.1.0

func (n MathNode) VectorIntFunction([]functions.VectorInt) functions.VectorInt

VectorIntFunction allows FuncMap to implement interace functions.FuncMap.

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