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Published: May 11, 2017 License: MPL-2.0 Imports: 23 Imported by: 0




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const (
	ClassicNet = InstanceNetWork("classic")
	VpcNet     = InstanceNetWork("vpc")
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const (
	Http  = Protocol("http")
	Https = Protocol("https")
	Tcp   = Protocol("tcp")
	Udp   = Protocol("udp")

Constants of protocol definition

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const (
	// common
	Notfound = "Not found"
	// ecs
	InstanceNotfound = "Instance.Notfound"
	// disk
	DiskIncorrectStatus       = "IncorrectDiskStatus"
	DiskCreatingSnapshot      = "DiskCreatingSnapshot"
	InstanceLockedForSecurity = "InstanceLockedForSecurity"
	SystemDiskNotFound        = "SystemDiskNotFound"
	// eip
	EipIncorrectStatus      = "IncorrectEipStatus"
	InstanceIncorrectStatus = "IncorrectInstanceStatus"
	HaVipIncorrectStatus    = "IncorrectHaVipStatus"
	// slb
	LoadBalancerNotFound = "InvalidLoadBalancerId.NotFound"

	// security_group
	InvalidInstanceIdAlreadyExists = "InvalidInstanceId.AlreadyExists"
	InvalidSecurityGroupIdNotFound = "InvalidSecurityGroupId.NotFound"
	SgDependencyViolation          = "DependencyViolation"

	//Nat gateway
	NatGatewayInvalidRegionId            = "Invalid.RegionId"
	DependencyViolationBandwidthPackages = "DependencyViolation.BandwidthPackages"
	NotFindSnatEntryBySnatId             = "NotFindSnatEntryBySnatId"
	NotFindForwardEntryByForwardId       = "NotFindForwardEntryByForwardId"

	// vswitch
	VswitcInvalidRegionId = "InvalidRegionId.NotFound"

	// ess
	InvalidScalingGroupIdNotFound               = "InvalidScalingGroupId.NotFound"
	IncorrectScalingConfigurationLifecycleState = "IncorrectScalingConfigurationLifecycleState"
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const (
	GroupRuleIngress = GroupRuleDirection("ingress")
	GroupRuleEgress  = GroupRuleDirection("egress")
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const (
	GroupRuleTcp  = GroupRuleIpProtocol("tcp")
	GroupRuleUdp  = GroupRuleIpProtocol("udp")
	GroupRuleIcmp = GroupRuleIpProtocol("icmp")
	GroupRuleGre  = GroupRuleIpProtocol("gre")
	GroupRuleAll  = GroupRuleIpProtocol("all")
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const (
	GroupRuleInternet = GroupRuleNicType("internet")
	GroupRuleIntranet = GroupRuleNicType("intranet")
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const (
	GroupRulePolicyAccept = GroupRulePolicy("accept")
	GroupRulePolicyDrop   = GroupRulePolicy("drop")
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const (
	EcsApiVersion20160314 = "2016-03-14"
	EcsApiVersion20140526 = "2014-05-26"
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const (
	HealthCheckErrType   = "healthCheckErrType"
	StickySessionErrType = "stickySessionErrType"
	CookieTimeOutErrType = "cookieTimeoutErrType"
	CookieErrType        = "cookieErrType"
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const BusinessInfoKey = "Terraform"
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default connect port of db

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default security ip for db

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we the count of create instance is only one

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const DEFAULT_REGION = "cn-beijing"

default region for all resource

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const LOCAL_HOST_IP = ""
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symbol of multiIZ


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var DefaultBusinessInfo = ecs.BusinessInfo{
	Pack: "terraform",
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var ValidProtocols = []Protocol{Http, Https, Tcp, Udp}

ValidProtocols network protocol list


func AddTags

func AddTags(client *ecs.Client, args *AddTagsArgs) error

func GetNotFoundErrorFromString added in v0.9.4

func GetNotFoundErrorFromString(str string) error

func Provider

func Provider() terraform.ResourceProvider

Provider returns a schema.Provider for alicloud

func RemoveTags

func RemoveTags(client *ecs.Client, args *RemoveTagsArgs) error

func String

func String(v string) *string

func TransformPeriod2Time added in v0.9.2

func TransformPeriod2Time(period int, chargeType string) (ut int, tt common.TimeType)

turn period to TimeType

func TransformTime2Period added in v0.9.2

func TransformTime2Period(ut int, tt common.TimeType) (period int)

turn TimeType to Period


type AddTagsArgs

type AddTagsArgs struct {
	ResourceId   string
	ResourceType ecs.TagResourceType //image, instance, snapshot or disk
	RegionId     common.Region
	Tag          []Tag

type AliyunClient

type AliyunClient struct {
	Region common.Region
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AliyunClient of aliyun

func (*AliyunClient) ActiveScalingConfigurationById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) ActiveScalingConfigurationById(sgId, configId string) error

func (*AliyunClient) AllocateDBPublicConnection added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) AllocateDBPublicConnection(instanceId, port string) error

func (*AliyunClient) ConfigDBBackup added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) ConfigDBBackup(instanceId, backupTime, backupPeriod string, retentionPeriod int) error

func (*AliyunClient) CreateAccountByInfo added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) CreateAccountByInfo(instanceId, username, pwd string) error

func (*AliyunClient) CreateDatabaseByInfo added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) CreateDatabaseByInfo(instanceId, dbName, charset, desp string) error

func (*AliyunClient) DeleteScalingConfigurationById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DeleteScalingConfigurationById(sgId, configId string) error

func (*AliyunClient) DeleteScalingGroupById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DeleteScalingGroupById(sgId string) error

func (*AliyunClient) DeleteScalingRuleById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DeleteScalingRuleById(ruleId string) error

func (*AliyunClient) DeleteScheduleById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DeleteScheduleById(scheduleId string) error

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeDBInstanceById added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeDBInstanceById(id string) (instance *rds.DBInstanceAttribute, err error)
_______________                      _______________                       _______________
|              | ______param______\  |              |  _____request_____\  |              |
|   Business   |                     |    Service   |                      |    SDK/API   |
|              | __________________  |              |  __________________  |              |
|______________| \    (obj, err)     |______________|  \ (status, cont)    |______________|
                    |                                    |
                    |A. {instance, nil}                  |a. {200, content}
                    |B. {nil, error}                     |b. {200, nil}
               					  |c. {4xx, nil}

The API return 200 for resource not found. When getInstance is empty, then throw InstanceNotfound error. That the business layer only need to check error.

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeDBSecurityIps added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeDBSecurityIps(instanceId string) (ips []rds.DBInstanceIPList, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeDatabaseByName added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeDatabaseByName(instanceId, dbName string) (ds []rds.Database, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeEipAddress

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeEipAddress(allocationId string) (*ecs.EipAddressSetType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeForwardEntry added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeForwardEntry(forwardTableId string, forwardEntryId string) (ecs.ForwardTableEntrySetType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeImage

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeImage(imageId string) (*ecs.ImageType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeLoadBalancerAttribute

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeLoadBalancerAttribute(slbId string) (*slb.LoadBalancerType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeMultiIZByRegion added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeMultiIZByRegion() (izs []string, err error)

return multiIZ list of current region

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeNatGateway

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeNatGateway(natGatewayId string) (*ecs.NatGatewaySetType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeScalingConfigurationById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeScalingConfigurationById(sgId, configId string) (*ess.ScalingConfigurationItemType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeScalingGroupById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeScalingGroupById(sgId string) (*ess.ScalingGroupItemType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeScalingRuleById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeScalingRuleById(sgId, ruleId string) (*ess.ScalingRuleItemType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeScheduleById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeScheduleById(scheduleId string) (*ess.ScheduledTaskItemType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeSecurity

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeSecurity(securityGroupId string) (*ecs.DescribeSecurityGroupAttributeResponse, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeSecurityByAttr added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeSecurityByAttr(securityGroupId, direction, nicType string) (*ecs.DescribeSecurityGroupAttributeResponse, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeSecurityGroupRule

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeSecurityGroupRule(securityGroupId, direction, nicType, ipProtocol, portRange string) (*ecs.PermissionType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeSnatEntry added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeSnatEntry(snatTableId string, snatEntryId string) (ecs.SnatEntrySetType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeVpc

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeVpc(vpcId string) (*ecs.VpcSetType, error)

func (*AliyunClient) DescribeZone

func (client *AliyunClient) DescribeZone(zoneID string) (*ecs.ZoneType, error)

DescribeZone validate zoneId is valid in region

func (*AliyunClient) DisableScalingConfigurationById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) DisableScalingConfigurationById(sgId string) error

func (*AliyunClient) DiskAvailable

func (client *AliyunClient) DiskAvailable(zone *ecs.ZoneType, diskCategory ecs.DiskCategory) error

func (*AliyunClient) EnableScalingConfigurationById added in v0.9.4

func (client *AliyunClient) EnableScalingConfigurationById(sgId, configId string, ids []string) error

func (*AliyunClient) GetSecurityIps added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) GetSecurityIps(instanceId string) ([]string, error)

func (*AliyunClient) GetVpcIdByVSwitchId added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) GetVpcIdByVSwitchId(vswitchId string) (vpcId string, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) GrantDBPrivilege2Account added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) GrantDBPrivilege2Account(instanceId, username, dbName string) error

func (*AliyunClient) JoinSecurityGroups

func (client *AliyunClient) JoinSecurityGroups(instanceId string, securityGroupIds []string) error

todo: support syc

func (*AliyunClient) LeaveSecurityGroups

func (client *AliyunClient) LeaveSecurityGroups(instanceId string, securityGroupIds []string) error

func (*AliyunClient) ModifyDBClassStorage added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) ModifyDBClassStorage(instanceId, class, storage string) error

func (*AliyunClient) ModifyDBSecurityIps added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) ModifyDBSecurityIps(instanceId, ips string) error

func (*AliyunClient) QueryInstanceSystemDisk added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryInstanceSystemDisk(id string) (disk *ecs.DiskItemType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryInstancesById

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryInstancesById(id string) (instance *ecs.InstanceAttributesType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryInstancesByIds

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryInstancesByIds(ids []string) (instances []ecs.InstanceAttributesType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryRouteEntry

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryRouteEntry(routeTableId, cidrBlock, nextHopType, nextHopId string) (rn *ecs.RouteEntrySetType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryRouteTableById

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryRouteTableById(routeTableId string) (rt *ecs.RouteTableSetType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryRouteTables

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryRouteTables(args *ecs.DescribeRouteTablesArgs) (routeTables []ecs.RouteTableSetType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryVswitchById

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryVswitchById(vpcId, vswitchId string) (vsw *ecs.VSwitchSetType, err error)

func (*AliyunClient) QueryVswitches

func (client *AliyunClient) QueryVswitches(args *ecs.DescribeVSwitchesArgs) (vswitches []ecs.VSwitchSetType, err error)

describe vswitch by param filters

func (*AliyunClient) ResourceAvailable

func (client *AliyunClient) ResourceAvailable(zone *ecs.ZoneType, resourceType ecs.ResourceType) error

ResourceAvailable check resource available for zone

func (*AliyunClient) RevokeSecurityGroup

func (client *AliyunClient) RevokeSecurityGroup(args *ecs.RevokeSecurityGroupArgs) error

func (*AliyunClient) RevokeSecurityGroupEgress added in v0.9.2

func (client *AliyunClient) RevokeSecurityGroupEgress(args *ecs.RevokeSecurityGroupEgressArgs) error

type Config

type Config struct {
	AccessKey string
	SecretKey string
	Region    common.Region

Config of aliyun

func (*Config) Client

func (c *Config) Client() (*AliyunClient, error)

Client for AliyunClient

type GroupRuleDirection

type GroupRuleDirection string

type GroupRuleIpProtocol

type GroupRuleIpProtocol string

type GroupRuleNicType

type GroupRuleNicType string

type GroupRulePolicy

type GroupRulePolicy string

type InstanceNetWork

type InstanceNetWork string

type Listener

type Listener struct {

	InstancePort     int
	LoadBalancerPort int
	Protocol         string
	//tcp & udp
	PersistenceTimeout int

	SSLCertificateId string

	HealthCheckType slb.HealthCheckType

	//api interface: http & https is HealthCheckTimeout, tcp & udp is HealthCheckConnectTimeout
	HealthCheckConnectTimeout int

type ListenerErr added in v0.9.2

type ListenerErr struct {
	ErrType string
	Err     error

func (*ListenerErr) Error added in v0.9.2

func (e *ListenerErr) Error() string

type Protocol added in v0.9.4

type Protocol string

Protocol represents network protocol

type RemoveTagsArgs

type RemoveTagsArgs struct {
	ResourceId   string
	ResourceType ecs.TagResourceType //image, instance, snapshot or disk
	RegionId     common.Region
	Tag          []Tag

type Tag

type Tag struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

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