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var DefaultConfig = TemplateConfig{
	Root:         "views",
	Extension:    ".html",
	Master:       "layouts/master",
	Partials:     []string{},
	Funcs:        make(template.FuncMap),
	DisableCache: false,
	Delims:       Delims{Left: "{{", Right: "}}"},

DefaultConfig defines the default settings for templating


func Middleware

func Middleware(e *TemplateEngine) echo.MiddlewareFunc

func NewMiddleware

func NewMiddleware(config TemplateConfig) echo.MiddlewareFunc

New gin middleware for func `gintemplate.Render()`

func Render

func Render(ctx echo.Context, code int, name string, data interface{}) error

You should use helper func `Middleware()` to set the supplied TemplateEngine and make `Render()` work validly.


type Delims

type Delims struct {
	Left  string
	Right string

type FileHandler

type FileHandler func(config TemplateConfig, tplFile string) (content string, err error)

func DefaultFileHandler

func DefaultFileHandler() FileHandler

func FileHandlerEmbed

func FileHandlerEmbed(fs embed.FS) FileHandler

func FileHandlerRice

func FileHandlerRice(viewsRootBox *rice.Box) FileHandler

type TemplateConfig

type TemplateConfig struct {
	Root         string           //view root
	Extension    string           //template extension
	Master       string           //template master
	Partials     []string         //template partial, such as head, foot
	Funcs        template.FuncMap //template functions
	DisableCache bool             //disable cache, debug mode
	Delims       Delims           //delimeters

type TemplateEngine

type TemplateEngine struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Default

func Default() *TemplateEngine

func New

func New(config TemplateConfig) *TemplateEngine

func NewEmbed

func NewEmbed(fs embed.FS) *TemplateEngine

func NewRice

func NewRice(viewsRootBox *rice.Box) *TemplateEngine

func NewWithConfigEmbed

func NewWithConfigEmbed(fs embed.FS, config TemplateConfig) *TemplateEngine

func NewWithConfigRice

func NewWithConfigRice(viewsRootBox *rice.Box, config TemplateConfig) *TemplateEngine

func (*TemplateEngine) Render

func (e *TemplateEngine) Render(w io.Writer, name string, data interface{}, c echo.Context) error

func (*TemplateEngine) SetFileHandler

func (e *TemplateEngine) SetFileHandler(handle FileHandler)

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