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var (
	ErrUnsupportedKey = &Error{
		Type:    "invalid_key_type",
		Details: "Unsupported Public Key Type",
	ErrUnsupportedAlgorithm = &Error{
		Type:    "unsupported_key_algorithm",
		Details: "Unsupported public key algorithm",
	ErrSigNotProvidedOrInvalid = &Error{
		Type:    "signature_not_provided_or_invalid",
		Details: "Signature invalid or not provided",
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var SignatureAlgorithmDetails = []struct {
	algo    SignatureAlgorithm
	coseAlg COSEAlgorithmIdentifier
	name    string
	hasher  func() hash.Hash
	{SHA1WithRSA, AlgRS1, "SHA1-RSA", crypto.SHA1.New},
	{SHA256WithRSA, AlgRS256, "SHA256-RSA", crypto.SHA256.New},
	{SHA384WithRSA, AlgRS384, "SHA384-RSA", crypto.SHA384.New},
	{SHA512WithRSA, AlgRS512, "SHA512-RSA", crypto.SHA512.New},
	{SHA256WithRSAPSS, AlgPS256, "SHA256-RSAPSS", crypto.SHA256.New},
	{SHA384WithRSAPSS, AlgPS384, "SHA384-RSAPSS", crypto.SHA384.New},
	{SHA512WithRSAPSS, AlgPS512, "SHA512-RSAPSS", crypto.SHA512.New},
	{ECDSAWithSHA256, AlgES256, "ECDSA-SHA256", crypto.SHA256.New},
	{ECDSAWithSHA384, AlgES384, "ECDSA-SHA384", crypto.SHA384.New},
	{ECDSAWithSHA512, AlgES512, "ECDSA-SHA512", crypto.SHA512.New},
	{UnknownSignatureAlgorithm, AlgEdDSA, "EdDSA", crypto.SHA512.New},


func DisplayPublicKey

func DisplayPublicKey(cpk []byte) string

func HasherFromCOSEAlg

func HasherFromCOSEAlg(coseAlg COSEAlgorithmIdentifier) func() hash.Hash

Return the Hashing interface to be used for a given COSE Algorithm

func ParsePublicKey

func ParsePublicKey(keyBytes []byte) (interface{}, error)

Figure out what kind of COSE material was provided and create the data for the new key

func VerifySignature

func VerifySignature(key interface{}, data []byte, sig []byte) (bool, error)


type COSEAlgorithmIdentifier

type COSEAlgorithmIdentifier int

COSEAlgorithmIdentifier From §5.10.5. A number identifying a cryptographic algorithm. The algorithm identifiers SHOULD be values registered in the IANA COSE Algorithms registry [https://www.w3.org/TR/webauthn/#biblio-iana-cose-algs-reg], for instance, -7 for "ES256"

and -257 for "RS256".
const (
	// AlgES256 ECDSA with SHA-256
	AlgES256 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -7
	// AlgES384 ECDSA with SHA-384
	AlgES384 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -35
	// AlgES512 ECDSA with SHA-512
	AlgES512 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -36
	// AlgRS1 RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 with SHA-1
	AlgRS1 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -65535
	// AlgRS256 RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 with SHA-256
	AlgRS256 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -257
	// AlgRS384 RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 with SHA-384
	AlgRS384 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -258
	// AlgRS512 RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 with SHA-512
	AlgRS512 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -259
	// AlgPS256 RSASSA-PSS with SHA-256
	AlgPS256 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -37
	// AlgPS384 RSASSA-PSS with SHA-384
	AlgPS384 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -38
	// AlgPS512 RSASSA-PSS with SHA-512
	AlgPS512 COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -39
	// AlgEdDSA EdDSA
	AlgEdDSA COSEAlgorithmIdentifier = -8

type COSEKeyType

type COSEKeyType int

The Key Type derived from the IANA COSE AuthData

const (
	// OctetKey is an Octet Key
	OctetKey COSEKeyType = 1
	// EllipticKey is an Elliptic Curve Public Key
	EllipticKey COSEKeyType = 2
	// RSAKey is an RSA Public Key
	RSAKey COSEKeyType = 3

type EC2PublicKeyData

type EC2PublicKeyData struct {
	// If the key type is EC2, the curve on which we derive the signature from.
	Curve int64 `cbor:"-1,keyasint,omitempty" json:"crv"`
	// A byte string 32 bytes in length that holds the x coordinate of the key.
	XCoord []byte `cbor:"-2,keyasint,omitempty" json:"x"`
	// A byte string 32 bytes in length that holds the y coordinate of the key.
	YCoord []byte `cbor:"-3,keyasint,omitempty" json:"y"`

func (*EC2PublicKeyData) Verify

func (k *EC2PublicKeyData) Verify(data []byte, sig []byte) (bool, error)

Verify Elliptic Curce Public Key Signature

type Error

type Error struct {
	// Short name for the type of error that has occurred
	Type string `json:"type"`
	// Additional details about the error
	Details string `json:"error"`
	// Information to help debug the error
	DevInfo string `json:"debug"`

func (*Error) Error

func (err *Error) Error() string

func (*Error) WithDetails

func (passedError *Error) WithDetails(details string) *Error

type OKPPublicKeyData

type OKPPublicKeyData struct {
	Curve int64
	// A byte string that holds the x coordinate of the key.
	XCoord []byte `cbor:"-2,keyasint,omitempty" json:"x"`

func (*OKPPublicKeyData) Verify

func (k *OKPPublicKeyData) Verify(data []byte, sig []byte) (bool, error)

Verify Octet Key Pair (OKP) Public Key Signature

type PublicKeyData

type PublicKeyData struct {

	// The type of key created. Should be OKP, EC2, or RSA.
	KeyType int64 `cbor:"1,keyasint" json:"kty"`
	// A COSEAlgorithmIdentifier for the algorithm used to derive the key signature.
	Algorithm int64 `cbor:"3,keyasint" json:"alg"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PublicKeyData The public key portion of a Relying Party-specific credential key pair, generated by an authenticator and returned to a Relying Party at registration time. We unpack this object using fxamacker's cbor library ("github.com/fxamacker/cbor/v2") which is why there are cbor tags included. The tag field values correspond to the IANA COSE keys that give their respective values. See § https://www.w3.org/TR/webauthn/#sctn-encoded-credPubKey-examples for examples of this COSE data.

type RSAPublicKeyData

type RSAPublicKeyData struct {
	// Represents the modulus parameter for the RSA algorithm
	Modulus []byte `cbor:"-1,keyasint,omitempty" json:"n"`
	// Represents the exponent parameter for the RSA algorithm
	Exponent []byte `cbor:"-2,keyasint,omitempty" json:"e"`

func (*RSAPublicKeyData) Verify

func (k *RSAPublicKeyData) Verify(data []byte, sig []byte) (bool, error)

Verify RSA Public Key Signature

type SignatureAlgorithm

type SignatureAlgorithm int

Algorithm enumerations used for

const (
	UnknownSignatureAlgorithm SignatureAlgorithm = iota

func SigAlgFromCOSEAlg

func SigAlgFromCOSEAlg(coseAlg COSEAlgorithmIdentifier) SignatureAlgorithm

Return which signature algorithm is being used from the COSE Key

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