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package config contains information needed to run gnmatcher project.



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type Config

type Config struct {
	// CacheDir is the main directory for gnmatcher files. It contains
	// bloom filters levenshtein automata trees, key-value stores etc.
	CacheDir string

	// JobsNum is the number of jobs to run in parallel
	JobsNum int

	// MaxEditDist is the maximal allowed edit distance for levenshtein automata.
	// The number cannot exceed 2, default number is 1. The speed of execution
	// slows down dramatically with the MaxEditDist > 1.
	MaxEditDist int

	// PgDB the database name where gnames data is located.
	PgDB string

	// PgHost is a hostname for the PostgreSQL server.
	PgHost string

	// PgPass password to access PostgreSQL server.
	PgPass string

	// PgPort is the port of PostgreSQL server.
	PgPort int

	// PgUser is the user for the database.
	PgUser string

	// WebLogsNsqdTCP provides an address to the NSQ messenger TCP service. If
	// this value is set and valid, the web logs will be published to the NSQ.
	// The option is ignored if `Port` is not set.
	// If WithWebLogs option is set to `false`, but `WebLogsNsqdTCP` is set to a
	// valid URL, the logs will be sent to the NSQ messanging service, but they
	// wil not appear as STRERR output.
	// Example: ``
	WebLogsNsqdTCP string

	// WithWebLogs flag enables logs when running web-service. This flag is
	// ignored if `Port` value is not set.
	WithWebLogs bool

Config collects and stores external configuration data.

func New added in v0.6.1

func New(opts ...Option) Config

New is a Config constructor that takes external options to update default values to external ones.

func (Config) FiltersDir

func (cfg Config) FiltersDir() string

FiltersDir returns path where to dump/restore serialized bloom filters.

func (Config) StemsDir

func (cfg Config) StemsDir() string

StemsDir returns path where stems key-value store is located.

func (Config) TrieDir

func (cfg Config) TrieDir() string

TrieDir returns path where to dump/restore serialized trie.

func (Config) VirusDir added in v0.7.0

func (cfg Config) VirusDir() string

VirusDir returns path to cache virus matching data.

type Option

type Option func(cfg *Config)

Option is a type of all options for Config.

func OptCacheDir added in v0.6.0

func OptCacheDir(s string) Option

OptCacheDir sets a directory for key-value stores and temporary files.

func OptJobsNum

func OptJobsNum(i int) Option

OptJobsNum sets the number of jobs to run in parallel

func OptMaxEditDist

func OptMaxEditDist(i int) Option

OptMaxEditDist sets maximal possible edit distance for fuzzy matching of stemmed canonical forms.

func OptPgDB

func OptPgDB(s string) Option

OptPgDB sets the name of gnames database

func OptPgHost

func OptPgHost(s string) Option

OptPgHost sets the host of gnames database

func OptPgPass

func OptPgPass(s string) Option

OptPgPass sets the password to access gnnames database

func OptPgPort

func OptPgPort(i int) Option

OptPgPort sets the port for gnames database

func OptPgUser

func OptPgUser(s string) Option

OptPgUser sets the user of gnnames database

func OptWebLogsNsqdTCP added in v0.6.1

func OptWebLogsNsqdTCP(s string) Option

OptWebLogsNsqdTCP provides a URL to NSQ messanging service.

func OptWithWebLogs added in v0.6.1

func OptWithWebLogs(b bool) Option

OptWithWebLogs sets the WithWebLogs field.

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