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var (
	// NoCustomConfigFlag determines whether to launch a beacon chain using real parameters or demo parameters.
	NoCustomConfigFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "no-custom-config",
		Usage: "Run the beacon chain with the real parameters from phase 0.",
	// BeaconRPCProviderFlag defines a beacon node RPC endpoint.
	BeaconRPCProviderFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "beacon-rpc-provider",
		Usage: "Beacon node RPC provider endpoint",
		Value: "localhost:4000",
	// CertFlag defines a flag for the node's TLS certificate.
	CertFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "tls-cert",
		Usage: "Certificate for secure gRPC. Pass this and the tls-key flag in order to use gRPC securely.",
	// KeystorePathFlag defines the location of the keystore directory for a validator's account.
	KeystorePathFlag = cmd.DirectoryFlag{
		Name:  "keystore-path",
		Usage: "Path to the desired keystore directory",
		Value: cmd.DirectoryString{Value: defaultValidatorDir()},
	// UnencryptedKeysFlag specifies a file path of a JSON file of unencrypted validator keys as an
	// alternative from launching the validator client from decrypting a keystore directory.
	UnencryptedKeysFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "unencrypted-keys",
		Usage: "Filepath to a JSON file of unencrypted validator keys for easier launching of the validator client",
		Value: "",
	// PasswordFlag defines the password value for storing and retrieving validator private keys from the keystore.
	PasswordFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "password",
		Usage: "String value of the password for your validator private keys",
	// DisablePenaltyRewardLogFlag defines the ability to not log reward/penalty information during deployment
	DisablePenaltyRewardLogFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "disable-rewards-penalties-logging",
		Usage: "Disable reward/penalty logging during cluster deployment",
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var (
	InteropStartIndex = cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name: "interop-start-index",
		Usage: "The start index to deterministically generate validator keys when used in combination with " +
			"--interop-num-validators. Example: --interop-start-index=5 --interop-num-validators=3 would generate " +
			"keys from index 5 to 7.",
	InteropNumValidators = cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name: "interop-num-validators",
		Usage: "The number of validators to deterministically generate when used in combination with " +
			"--interop-num-validators. Example: --interop-start-index=5 --interop-num-validators=3 would generate " +
			"keys from index 5 to 7.",

Flags defined for interoperability testing.


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