Package inwx implements a DNS provider for solving the DNS-01 challenge using inwx dom robot



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    const (
    	EnvUsername     = envNamespace + "USERNAME"
    	EnvPassword     = envNamespace + "PASSWORD"
    	EnvSharedSecret = envNamespace + "SHARED_SECRET"
    	EnvSandbox      = envNamespace + "SANDBOX"
    	EnvTTL                = envNamespace + "TTL"
    	EnvPropagationTimeout = envNamespace + "PROPAGATION_TIMEOUT"
    	EnvPollingInterval    = envNamespace + "POLLING_INTERVAL"

      Environment variables names.


      This section is empty.


      This section is empty.


      type Config

      type Config struct {
      	Username           string
      	Password           string
      	SharedSecret       string
      	Sandbox            bool
      	PropagationTimeout time.Duration
      	PollingInterval    time.Duration
      	TTL                int

        Config is used to configure the creation of the DNSProvider.

        func NewDefaultConfig

        func NewDefaultConfig() *Config

          NewDefaultConfig returns a default configuration for the DNSProvider.

          type DNSProvider

          type DNSProvider struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            DNSProvider implements the challenge.Provider interface.

            func NewDNSProvider

            func NewDNSProvider() (*DNSProvider, error)

              NewDNSProvider returns a DNSProvider instance configured for Dyn DNS. Credentials must be passed in the environment variables: INWX_USERNAME, INWX_PASSWORD, and INWX_SHARED_SECRET.

              func NewDNSProviderConfig

              func NewDNSProviderConfig(config *Config) (*DNSProvider, error)

                NewDNSProviderConfig return a DNSProvider instance configured for Dyn DNS.

                func (*DNSProvider) CleanUp

                func (d *DNSProvider) CleanUp(domain, token, keyAuth string) error

                  CleanUp removes the TXT record matching the specified parameters.

                  func (*DNSProvider) Present

                  func (d *DNSProvider) Present(domain, token, keyAuth string) error

                    Present creates a TXT record using the specified parameters.

                    func (*DNSProvider) Timeout

                    func (d *DNSProvider) Timeout() (timeout, interval time.Duration)

                      Timeout returns the timeout and interval to use when checking for DNS propagation. Adjusting here to cope with spikes in propagation times.

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