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type AccountService

type AccountService service

func (*AccountService) Deactivate

func (a *AccountService) Deactivate(accountURL string) error

Deactivate Deactivates an account.

func (*AccountService) Get

func (a *AccountService) Get(accountURL string) (acme.Account, error)

Get Retrieves an account.

func (*AccountService) New

New Creates a new account.

func (*AccountService) NewEAB

func (a *AccountService) NewEAB(accMsg acme.Account, kid string, hmacEncoded string) (acme.ExtendedAccount, error)

NewEAB Creates a new account with an External Account Binding.

type AuthorizationService

type AuthorizationService service

func (*AuthorizationService) Deactivate

func (c *AuthorizationService) Deactivate(authzURL string) error

Deactivate Deactivates an authorization.

func (*AuthorizationService) Get

func (c *AuthorizationService) Get(authzURL string) (acme.Authorization, error)

Get Gets an authorization.

type CertificateService

type CertificateService service

func (*CertificateService) Get

func (c *CertificateService) Get(certURL string, bundle bool) ([]byte, []byte, error)

Get Returns the certificate and the issuer certificate. 'bundle' is only applied if the issuer is provided by the 'up' link.

func (*CertificateService) Revoke

Revoke Revokes a certificate.

type ChallengeService

type ChallengeService service

func (*ChallengeService) Get

func (c *ChallengeService) Get(chlgURL string) (acme.ExtendedChallenge, error)

Get Gets a challenge.

func (*ChallengeService) New

func (c *ChallengeService) New(chlgURL string) (acme.ExtendedChallenge, error)

New Creates a challenge.

type Core

type Core struct {
	HTTPClient *http.Client

	Accounts       *AccountService
	Authorizations *AuthorizationService
	Certificates   *CertificateService
	Challenges     *ChallengeService
	Orders         *OrderService
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Core ACME/LE core API.

func New

func New(httpClient *http.Client, userAgent string, caDirURL, kid string, privateKey crypto.PrivateKey) (*Core, error)

New Creates a new Core.

func (*Core) GetDirectory

func (a *Core) GetDirectory() acme.Directory

func (*Core) GetKeyAuthorization

func (a *Core) GetKeyAuthorization(token string) (string, error)

GetKeyAuthorization Gets the key authorization

type OrderService

type OrderService service

func (*OrderService) Get

func (o *OrderService) Get(orderURL string) (acme.Order, error)

Get Gets an order.

func (*OrderService) New

func (o *OrderService) New(domains []string) (acme.ExtendedOrder, error)

New Creates a new order.

func (*OrderService) UpdateForCSR

func (o *OrderService) UpdateForCSR(orderURL string, csr []byte) (acme.Order, error)

UpdateForCSR Updates an order for a CSR.


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