Package tracking provides the use-case of tracking a cargo. Used by views facing the end-user.



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    var ErrInvalidArgument = errors.New("invalid argument")

      ErrInvalidArgument is returned when one or more arguments are invalid.


      func MakeHandler

      func MakeHandler(ts Service, logger kitlog.Logger) http.Handler

        MakeHandler returns a handler for the tracking service.


        type Cargo

        type Cargo struct {
        	TrackingID           string    `json:"tracking_id"`
        	StatusText           string    `json:"status_text"`
        	Origin               string    `json:"origin"`
        	Destination          string    `json:"destination"`
        	ETA                  time.Time `json:"eta"`
        	NextExpectedActivity string    `json:"next_expected_activity"`
        	ArrivalDeadline      time.Time `json:"arrival_deadline"`
        	Events               []Event   `json:"events"`

          Cargo is a read model for tracking views.

          type Event

          type Event struct {
          	Description string `json:"description"`
          	Expected    bool   `json:"expected"`

            Event is a read model for tracking views.

            type Leg

            type Leg struct {
            	VoyageNumber string    `json:"voyage_number"`
            	From         string    `json:"from"`
            	To           string    `json:"to"`
            	LoadTime     time.Time `json:"load_time"`
            	UnloadTime   time.Time `json:"unload_time"`

              Leg is a read model for booking views.

              type Service

              type Service interface {
              	// Track returns a cargo matching a tracking ID.
              	Track(id string) (Cargo, error)

                Service is the interface that provides the basic Track method.

                func NewInstrumentingService

                func NewInstrumentingService(counter metrics.Counter, latency metrics.Histogram, s Service) Service

                  NewInstrumentingService returns an instance of an instrumenting Service.

                  func NewLoggingService

                  func NewLoggingService(logger log.Logger, s Service) Service

                    NewLoggingService returns a new instance of a logging Service.

                    func NewService

                    func NewService(cargos cargo.Repository, events cargo.HandlingEventRepository) Service

                      NewService returns a new instance of the default Service.