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Kivik FSDB

File system driver for Kivik.

This driver stores documents on a plain filesystem.


This is very much a work in progress; almost nothing is implemented yet.


This package provides an implementation of the github.com/go-kivik/kivik/driver interface. You must import the driver and can then use the full Kivik API. Please consult the Kivik wiki for complete documentation and coding examples.

package main

import (

    _ "github.com/go-kivik/fsdb" // The File system driver

func main() {
    client, err := kivik.New(context.TODO(), "fs", "")
    // ...


This software is released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENCE.md, or read the full license.



Package fs provides a filesystem-backed Kivik driver. This driver is very much a work in progress. Please refer to the GitHub page for current status and ongoing changes. https://github.com/go-kivik/fsdb

Bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests are always welcome. Current development is primarily focused around using fsdb for testing of CouchDB applications, and bootstraping CouchDB applications.

General Usage

Use the `fs` driver name when using this driver. The DSN should be an existing directory on the local filesystem. Access control is managed by your filesystem permissions.

import (
    _ "github.com/go-kivik/fsdb" // The Filesystem driver

client, err := kivik.New("fs", "/home/user/some/path")

Database names represent directories under the path provided to `kivik.New`. For example:

db := client.DB(ctx, "foo")

would look for document files in `/home/usr/some/path/foo`.

Connection Strings

This driver supports three types of connection strings to the New() method:

- Local filesystem path. This may be relative or absolute. Examples:
  `/home/user/some/path` and './some/path'
- A full file:// URL. Example: 'file:///home/user/some/path'
- An empty string (""), which requires the full path to the database is passed
  to the `DB()` method. In this case, the argument to `DB()` accepts the first
  two formats, with the final path element being the database name. Some
  client-level methods, such as AllDBs(), are unavailable, when using an empty
  connection string.

Handling of Filenames

CouchDB allows databases and document IDs to contain a slash (/) character. This is not permitted in most operating systems/filenames, to be stored directly on the filesystem this way. Therefore, it is necessary for this package to escape certain characters in filenames. This is done as conservatively as possible. The escaping rules are:

- It contains a slash (i.e. '_design/index'), or a URL-encoded slash
  (i.e. '%2F' or '%2f')
- When escaping a literal slash (/) or a literal percent sign (%), are
  escaped using standard URL escaping. No other characters are escaped.



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const (
	Version = "0.0.1"
	Vendor  = "Kivik File System Adaptor"

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Path Synopsis
Package cdb provides the core CouchDB types.
Package cdb provides the core CouchDB types.
Package filesystem provides an abstraction around a filesystem
Package filesystem provides an abstraction around a filesystem

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