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func NewClientContext

func NewClientContext(ctx context.Context, tr Transporter) context.Context

NewClientContext returns a new Context that carries value.

func NewServerContext

func NewServerContext(ctx context.Context, tr Transporter) context.Context

NewServerContext returns a new Context that carries value.


type Endpointer

type Endpointer interface {
	Endpoint() (*url.URL, error)

Endpointer is registry endpoint.

type Header interface {
	Get(key string) string
	Set(key string, value string)
	Add(key string, value string)
	Keys() []string
	Values(key string) []string

Header is the storage medium used by a Header.

type Kind

type Kind string

Kind defines the type of Transport

const (
	KindGRPC Kind = "grpc"
	KindHTTP Kind = "http"

Defines a set of transport kind

func (Kind) String

func (k Kind) String() string

type Server

type Server interface {
	Start(context.Context) error
	Stop(context.Context) error

Server is transport server.

type Transporter

type Transporter interface {
	// Kind transporter
	// grpc
	// http
	Kind() Kind
	// Endpoint return server or client endpoint
	// Server Transport: grpc://
	// Client Transport: discovery:///provider-demo
	Endpoint() string
	// Operation Service full method selector generated by protobuf
	// example: /helloworld.Greeter/SayHello
	Operation() string
	// RequestHeader return transport request header
	// http: http.Header
	// grpc: metadata.MD
	RequestHeader() Header
	// ReplyHeader return transport reply/response header
	// only valid for server transport
	// http: http.Header
	// grpc: metadata.MD
	ReplyHeader() Header

Transporter is transport context value interface.

func FromClientContext

func FromClientContext(ctx context.Context) (tr Transporter, ok bool)

FromClientContext returns the Transport value stored in ctx, if any.

func FromServerContext

func FromServerContext(ctx context.Context) (tr Transporter, ok bool)

FromServerContext returns the Transport value stored in ctx, if any.


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