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func AppendToClientContext

func AppendToClientContext(ctx context.Context, kv ...string) context.Context

AppendToClientContext returns a new context with the provided kv merged with any existing metadata in the context.

func MergeToClientContext

func MergeToClientContext(ctx context.Context, cmd Metadata) context.Context

MergeToClientContext merge new metadata into ctx.

func NewClientContext

func NewClientContext(ctx context.Context, md Metadata) context.Context

NewClientContext creates a new context with client md attached.

func NewServerContext

func NewServerContext(ctx context.Context, md Metadata) context.Context

NewServerContext creates a new context with client md attached.


type Metadata

type Metadata map[string]string

Metadata is our way of representing request headers internally. They're used at the RPC level and translate back and forth from Transport headers.

func FromClientContext

func FromClientContext(ctx context.Context) (Metadata, bool)

FromClientContext returns the client metadata in ctx if it exists.

func FromServerContext

func FromServerContext(ctx context.Context) (Metadata, bool)

FromServerContext returns the server metadata in ctx if it exists.

func New

func New(mds[string]string) Metadata

New creates an MD from a given key-values map.

func (Metadata) Clone

func (m Metadata) Clone() Metadata

Clone returns a deep copy of Metadata

func (Metadata) Get

func (m Metadata) Get(key string) string

Get returns the value associated with the passed key.

func (Metadata) Range

func (m Metadata) Range(f func(k, v string) bool)

Range iterate over element in metadata.

func (Metadata) Set

func (m Metadata) Set(key string, value string)

Set stores the key-value pair.

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