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const (
	OfKey      = "contentOf"
	ForKey     = "contentFor"
	DefaultKey = "default"

Keys to be used in templates for the functions in this package.


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func ContentFor

func ContentFor(name string, help hctx.HelperContext)

ContentFor stores a block of templating code to be re-used later in the template via the contentOf helper. An optional map of values can be passed to contentOf, which are made available to the contentFor block.

<% contentFor("buttons") { %>
<% } %>

func ContentOf

func ContentOf(name string, data hctx.Map, help hctx.HelperContext) (template.HTML, error)

ContentOf retrieves a stored block for templating and renders it. You can pass an optional map of fields that will be set.

<%= contentOf("buttons") %>
<%= contentOf("buttons", {"label": "Click me"}) %>

func New

func New() hctx.Map

New returns a map of the helpers within this package.

func WithDefault added in v0.6.2

func WithDefault(key string, defaultValue interface{}, help hctx.HelperContext) interface{}

WithDefault returns the key if exists, otherwise it returns defaultValue passed.


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