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type Locus

type Locus struct {
	Peer *Peer // Client peer enclosure for this circuit locus
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Locus is a device that listens to the join/leave events reported by the tissue social system, and maintains an asynchronously-readable current list of known peers.

func (*Locus) GetPeers

func (locus *Locus) GetPeers() []*Peer

GetPeers asynchronously returns the current known list of live peers.

func (*Locus) NewArrivals

func (locus *Locus) NewArrivals() pubsub.Consumer

func (*Locus) NewDepartures

func (locus *Locus) NewDepartures() pubsub.Consumer

func (*Locus) Self

func (locus *Locus) Self() *Peer

type Peer

type Peer struct {
	Kin  tissue.KinAvatar // Cross-interface to the kin system at this locus
	Term circuit.PermX    // Cross-interface to anchor.XTerminal

Peer encloses a cross-interface to the tissue system of a circuit worker, as well as a cross-interface to its exported resource hierarchy.

func (Peer) ID

func (i Peer) ID() lang.ReceiverID

func (Peer) Key

func (i Peer) Key() string

type XLocus

type XLocus struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLocus

func NewLocus(kin *tissue.Kin, rip <-chan tissue.KinAvatar) XLocus

NewLocus creates a new locus device.

func (XLocus) GetPeers

func (x XLocus) GetPeers() []*Peer

func (XLocus) Self

func (x XLocus) Self() interface{}

type YLocus

type YLocus struct {
	X circuit.PermX


func (YLocus) GetPeers

func (y YLocus) GetPeers() map[string]*Peer

func (YLocus) Self

func (y YLocus) Self() *Peer

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