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Package gurl provides useful API for URL handling.



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func BuildQuery

func BuildQuery(queryData url.Values) string

BuildQuery Generate URL-encoded query string. See

func Decode

func Decode(str string) (string, error)

Decode does the inverse transformation of Encode, converting each 3-byte encoded substring of the form "%AB" into the hex-decoded byte 0xAB. It returns an error if any % is not followed by two hexadecimal digits.

func Encode

func Encode(str string) string

Encode escapes the string so it can be safely placed inside an URL query.

func ParseURL

func ParseURL(str string, component int) (map[string]string, error)

ParseURL Parse an URL and return its components. -1: all; 1: scheme; 2: host; 4: port; 8: user; 16: pass; 32: path; 64: query; 128: fragment. See

func RawDecode

func RawDecode(str string) (string, error)

RawDecode does decode the given string Decode URL-encoded strings. See

func RawEncode

func RawEncode(str string) string

RawEncode does encode the given string according URL-encode according to RFC 3986. See


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