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Package guid provides simple and high performance unique id generation functionality.



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func S

func S(data ...[]byte) string

S creates and returns a global unique string in 32 bytes that meets most common usages without strict UUID algorithm. It returns a unique string using default unique algorithm if no `data` is given.

The specified `data` can be no more than 2 parts. No matter how long each of the `data` size is, each of them will be hashed into 7 bytes as part of the result. If given `data` parts is less than 2, the leftover size of the result bytes will be token by random string.

The returned string is composed with: 1. Default: MACHash(7) + PID(4) + TimestampNano(12) + Sequence(3) + RandomString(6) 2. CustomData: DataHash(7/14) + TimestampNano(12) + Sequence(3) + RandomString(3/10)

Note that:

  1. The returned length is fixed to 32 bytes for performance purpose.
  2. The custom parameter `data` composed should have unique attribute in your business scenario.


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