Package command provides console operations, like options/arguments reading.



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    func ContainsOpt

    func ContainsOpt(name string) bool

      ContainsOpt checks whether option named `name` exist in the arguments.

      func GetArg

      func GetArg(index int, def ...string) string

        GetArg returns the argument at `index`.

        func GetArgAll

        func GetArgAll() []string

          GetArgAll returns all parsed arguments.

          func GetOpt

          func GetOpt(name string, def ...string) string

            GetOpt returns the option value named `name`.

            func GetOptAll

            func GetOptAll() map[string]string

              GetOptAll returns all parsed options.

              func GetOptWithEnv

              func GetOptWithEnv(key string, def ...string) string

                GetOptWithEnv returns the command line argument of the specified `key`. If the argument does not exist, then it returns the environment variable with specified `key`. It returns the default value `def` if none of them exists.

                Fetching Rules: 1. Command line arguments are in lowercase format, eg: gf.<package name>.<variable name>; 2. Environment arguments are in uppercase format, eg: GF_<package name>_<variable name>;

                func Init

                func Init(args ...string)

                  Custom initialization.


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