Package utils provides some utility functions for internal usage.



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    const (
    	StackFilterKeyForGoFrame = "/" // Stack filtering key for all GoFrame module paths.


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    var (
    	// DefaultTrimChars are the characters which are stripped by Trim* functions in default.
    	DefaultTrimChars = string([]byte{
    		' ',


    func EqualFoldWithoutChars

    func EqualFoldWithoutChars(s1, s2 string) bool

      EqualFoldWithoutChars checks string `s1` and `s2` equal case-insensitively, with/without chars '-'/'_'/'.'/' '.

      func IsArray

      func IsArray(value interface{}) bool

        IsArray checks whether given value is array/slice. Note that it uses reflect internally implementing this feature.

        func IsDebugEnabled

        func IsDebugEnabled() bool

          IsDebugEnabled checks and returns whether debug mode is enabled. The debug mode is enabled when command argument "gf.debug" or environment "GF_DEBUG" is passed.

          func IsLetter

          func IsLetter(b byte) bool

            IsLetter checks whether the given byte b is a letter.

            func IsLetterLower

            func IsLetterLower(b byte) bool

              IsLetterLower checks whether the given byte b is in lower case.

              func IsLetterUpper

              func IsLetterUpper(b byte) bool

                IsLetterUpper checks whether the given byte b is in upper case.

                func IsNumeric

                func IsNumeric(s string) bool

                  IsNumeric checks whether the given string s is numeric. Note that float string like "123.456" is also numeric.

                  func NewReadCloser

                  func NewReadCloser(content []byte, repeatable bool) io.ReadCloser

                    NewRepeatReadCloser creates and returns a RepeatReadCloser object.

                    func NewReadCloserWithReadCloser

                    func NewReadCloserWithReadCloser(r io.ReadCloser, repeatable bool) (io.ReadCloser, error)

                      NewRepeatReadCloserWithReadCloser creates and returns a RepeatReadCloser object with given io.ReadCloser.

                      func RemoveSymbols

                      func RemoveSymbols(s string) string

                        RemoveSymbols removes all symbols from string and lefts only numbers and letters.

                        func ReplaceByMap

                        func ReplaceByMap(origin string, replaces map[string]string) string

                          ReplaceByMap returns a copy of `origin`, which is replaced by a map in unordered way, case-sensitively.

                          func SplitAndTrim

                          func SplitAndTrim(str, delimiter string, characterMask ...string) []string

                            SplitAndTrim splits string <str> by a string <delimiter> to an array, and calls Trim to every element of this array. It ignores the elements which are empty after Trim.

                            func Trim

                            func Trim(str string, characterMask ...string) string

                              Trim strips whitespace (or other characters) from the beginning and end of a string. The optional parameter <characterMask> specifies the additional stripped characters.

                              func UcFirst

                              func UcFirst(s string) string

                                UcFirst returns a copy of the string s with the first letter mapped to its upper case.


                                type ReadCloser

                                type ReadCloser struct {
                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                  ReadCloser implements the io.ReadCloser interface which is used for reading request body content multiple times.

                                  Note that it cannot be closed.

                                  func (*ReadCloser) Close

                                  func (b *ReadCloser) Close() error

                                    Close implements the io.ReadCloser interface.

                                    func (*ReadCloser) Read

                                    func (b *ReadCloser) Read(p []byte) (n int, err error)

                                      Read implements the io.ReadCloser interface.