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const (
	LOGIN                    = "user/auth/login"
	TWO_FACTOR               = "user/auth/two_factor"
	TWO_FACTOR_RECOVERY_CODE = "user/auth/two_factor_recovery_code"
	SIGNUP                   = "user/auth/signup"
	ACTIVATE                 = "user/auth/activate"
	FORGOT_PASSWORD          = "user/auth/forgot_passwd"
	RESET_PASSWORD           = "user/auth/reset_passwd"
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const (
	DASHBOARD = "user/dashboard/dashboard"
	NEWS_FEED = "user/dashboard/feeds"
	ISSUES    = "user/dashboard/issues"
	PROFILE   = "user/profile"
	ORG_HOME  = "org/home"
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const (
	FOLLOWERS = "user/meta/followers"
	STARS     = "user/meta/stars"
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const (
	SETTINGS_PROFILE                   = "user/settings/profile"
	SETTINGS_AVATAR                    = "user/settings/avatar"
	SETTINGS_PASSWORD                  = "user/settings/password"
	SETTINGS_EMAILS                    = "user/settings/email"
	SETTINGS_SSH_KEYS                  = "user/settings/sshkeys"
	SETTINGS_SECURITY                  = "user/settings/security"
	SETTINGS_TWO_FACTOR_ENABLE         = "user/settings/two_factor_enable"
	SETTINGS_TWO_FACTOR_RECOVERY_CODES = "user/settings/two_factor_recovery_codes"
	SETTINGS_REPOSITORIES              = "user/settings/repositories"
	SETTINGS_ORGANIZATIONS             = "user/settings/organizations"
	SETTINGS_APPLICATIONS              = "user/settings/applications"
	SETTINGS_DELETE                    = "user/settings/delete"
	NOTIFICATION                       = "user/notification"


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func Action added in v0.8.25

func Action(c *context.Context)

func Activate

func Activate(c *context.Context)

func ActivateEmail added in v0.5.11

func ActivateEmail(c *context.Context)

func AutoLogin added in v0.11.19

func AutoLogin(c *context.Context) (bool, error)

AutoLogin reads cookie and try to auto-login.

func Dashboard

func Dashboard(c *context.Context)

func DeleteEmail added in v0.6.15

func DeleteEmail(c *context.Context)

func DeleteSSHKey added in v0.6.9

func DeleteSSHKey(c *context.Context)

func Email2User added in v0.3.0

func Email2User(c *context.Context)

func Followers added in v0.8.25

func Followers(c *context.Context)

func Following added in v0.8.25

func Following(c *context.Context)

func ForgotPasswd added in v0.3.0

func ForgotPasswd(c *context.Context)

func ForgotPasswdPost added in v0.3.0

func ForgotPasswdPost(c *context.Context)

func GetUserByName added in v0.8.25

func GetUserByName(c *context.Context, name string) *models.User

func GetUserByParams added in v0.8.25

func GetUserByParams(c *context.Context) *models.User

GetUserByParams returns user whose name is presented in URL paramenter.

func Issues

func Issues(c *context.Context)

func Login added in v0.11.19

func Login(c *context.Context)

func LoginPost added in v0.11.19

func LoginPost(c *context.Context, f form.SignIn)

func LoginTwoFactor added in v0.11.19

func LoginTwoFactor(c *context.Context)

func LoginTwoFactorPost added in v0.11.19

func LoginTwoFactorPost(c *context.Context)

func LoginTwoFactorRecoveryCode added in v0.11.19

func LoginTwoFactorRecoveryCode(c *context.Context)

func LoginTwoFactorRecoveryCodePost added in v0.11.19

func LoginTwoFactorRecoveryCodePost(c *context.Context)

func Profile

func Profile(c *context.Context)

func ResetPasswd added in v0.3.0

func ResetPasswd(c *context.Context)

func ResetPasswdPost added in v0.3.0

func ResetPasswdPost(c *context.Context)

func Settings added in v0.5.0

func Settings(c *context.Context)

func SettingsApplications added in v0.5.8

func SettingsApplications(c *context.Context)

func SettingsApplicationsPost added in v0.5.8

func SettingsApplicationsPost(c *context.Context, f form.NewAccessToken)

func SettingsAvatar added in v0.5.9

func SettingsAvatar(c *context.Context)

func SettingsAvatarPost added in v0.9.71

func SettingsAvatarPost(c *context.Context, f form.Avatar)

func SettingsDelete added in v0.5.0

func SettingsDelete(c *context.Context)

func SettingsDeleteApplication added in v0.6.9

func SettingsDeleteApplication(c *context.Context)

func SettingsDeleteAvatar added in v0.9.0

func SettingsDeleteAvatar(c *context.Context)

func SettingsEmailPost added in v0.5.11

func SettingsEmailPost(c *context.Context, f form.AddEmail)

func SettingsEmails added in v0.5.11

func SettingsEmails(c *context.Context)

func SettingsLeaveOrganization added in v0.9.128

func SettingsLeaveOrganization(c *context.Context)

func SettingsLeaveRepo added in v0.11.4

func SettingsLeaveRepo(c *context.Context)

func SettingsOrganizations added in v0.9.128

func SettingsOrganizations(c *context.Context)

func SettingsPassword added in v0.5.0

func SettingsPassword(c *context.Context)

func SettingsPasswordPost added in v0.5.0

func SettingsPasswordPost(c *context.Context, f form.ChangePassword)

func SettingsPost added in v0.5.0

func SettingsPost(c *context.Context, f form.UpdateProfile)

func SettingsRepos added in v0.11.4

func SettingsRepos(c *context.Context)

func SettingsSSHKeys added in v0.5.0

func SettingsSSHKeys(c *context.Context)

func SettingsSSHKeysPost added in v0.5.0

func SettingsSSHKeysPost(c *context.Context, f form.AddSSHKey)

func SettingsSecurity added in v0.11.19

func SettingsSecurity(c *context.Context)

func SettingsTwoFactorDisable added in v0.11.19

func SettingsTwoFactorDisable(c *context.Context)

func SettingsTwoFactorEnable added in v0.11.19

func SettingsTwoFactorEnable(c *context.Context)

func SettingsTwoFactorEnablePost added in v0.11.19

func SettingsTwoFactorEnablePost(c *context.Context)

func SettingsTwoFactorRecoveryCodes added in v0.11.19

func SettingsTwoFactorRecoveryCodes(c *context.Context)

func SettingsTwoFactorRecoveryCodesPost added in v0.11.19

func SettingsTwoFactorRecoveryCodesPost(c *context.Context)

func ShowSSHKeys added in v0.5.9

func ShowSSHKeys(c *context.Context, uid int64)

func SignOut

func SignOut(c *context.Context)

func SignUp

func SignUp(c *context.Context)

func SignUpPost added in v0.3.0

func SignUpPost(c *context.Context, cpt *captcha.Captcha, f form.Register)

func Stars

func Stars(c *context.Context)

func UpdateAvatarSetting added in v0.6.15

func UpdateAvatarSetting(c *context.Context, f form.Avatar, ctxUser *models.User) error

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