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type Context

type Context struct {
	// The system context with cancel capability.
	SystemContext context.Context

	// Coordination signal
	WG *sync.WaitGroup

	// Report errors to bootstrap component
	// Once error is reported by lower components, the whole system should exit
	ErrorChan chan error

	// The base job context reference
	// It will be the parent conetext of job execution context
	JobContext JobContext

Context keep some sharable materials and system controlling channels. The system context.Context interface is also included.

type JobContext

type JobContext interface {
	// Build the context based on the parent context
	// dep JobData : Dependencies for building the context, just in case that the build
	// function need some external info
	// Returns:
	// new JobContext based on the parent one
	// error if meet any problems
	Build(dep JobData) (JobContext, error)

	// Get property from the context
	// prop string : key of the context property
	// Returns:
	//  The data of the specified context property if have
	//  bool to indicate if the property existing
	Get(prop string) (interface{}, bool)

	// SystemContext returns the system context
	// Returns:
	//  context.Context
	SystemContext() context.Context

	// Checkin is bridge func for reporting detailed status
	// status string : detailed status
	// Returns:
	//  error if meet any problems
	Checkin(status string) error

	// OPCommand return the control operational command like stop/cancel if have
	// Returns:
	//  op command if have
	//  flag to indicate if have command
	OPCommand() (string, bool)

	// Return the logger
	GetLogger() logger.Interface

	// Launch sub jobs
	LaunchJob(req models.JobRequest) (models.JobStats, error)

JobContext is combination of BaseContext and other job specified resources. JobContext will be the real execution context for one job.

type JobContextInitializer

type JobContextInitializer func(ctx *Context) (JobContext, error)

JobContextInitializer is a func to initialize the concrete job context

type JobData

type JobData struct {
	ID        string
	Name      string
	Args      map[string]interface{}
	ExtraData map[string]interface{}

JobData defines job context dependencies.

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