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var WithContext = func(ctx context.Context) func(c *commandeer) {
	return func(c *commandeer) {
		c.ctx = ctx
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var WithDir = func(dir string) func(c *commandeer) {
	return func(c *commandeer) {
		c.dir = dir
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var WithEnviron = func(env []string) func(c *commandeer) {
	return func(c *commandeer) {
		setOrAppend := func(s string) {
			k1, _ := config.SplitEnvVar(s)
			var found bool
			for i, v := range c.env {
				k2, _ := config.SplitEnvVar(v)
				if k1 == k2 {
					found = true
					c.env[i] = s

			if !found {
				c.env = append(c.env, s)

		for _, s := range env {
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var WithStderr = func(w io.Writer) func(c *commandeer) {
	return func(c *commandeer) {
		c.stderr = w
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var WithStdin = func(r io.Reader) func(c *commandeer) {
	return func(c *commandeer) {
		c.stdin = r
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var WithStdout = func(w io.Writer) func(c *commandeer) {
	return func(c *commandeer) {
		c.stdout = w


func InPath added in v0.91.0

func InPath(binaryName string) bool

InPath reports whether binaryName is in $PATH.

func IsNotFound added in v0.91.0

func IsNotFound(err error) bool

IsNotFound reports whether this is an error about a binary not found.

func LookPath added in v0.91.0

func LookPath(binaryName string) string

LookPath finds the path to binaryName in $PATH. Returns "" if not found.

func SafeCommand

func SafeCommand(name string, arg ...string) (*exec.Cmd, error)

SafeCommand is a wrapper around os/exec Command which uses a LookPath implementation that does not search in current directory before looking in PATH. See https://github.com/cli/safeexec and the linked issues.


type Exec added in v0.91.0

type Exec struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Exec encorces a security policy for commands run via os/exec.

func New added in v0.91.0

func New(cfg security.Config) *Exec

New creates a new Exec using the provided security config.

func (*Exec) New added in v0.91.0

func (e *Exec) New(name string, arg ...any) (Runner, error)

New will fail if name is not allowed according to the configured security policy. Else a configured Runner will be returned ready to be Run.

func (*Exec) Npx added in v0.91.0

func (e *Exec) Npx(name string, arg ...any) (Runner, error)

Npx is a convenience method to create a Runner running npx --no-install <name> <args.

func (*Exec) Sec added in v0.91.0

func (e *Exec) Sec() security.Config

Sec returns the security policies this Exec is configured with.

type NotFoundError added in v0.91.0

type NotFoundError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*NotFoundError) Error added in v0.91.0

func (e *NotFoundError) Error() string

type Runner added in v0.91.0

type Runner interface {
	Run() error
	StdinPipe() (io.WriteCloser, error)

Runner wraps a *os.Cmd.

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