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var (
	// Counts ERROR logs to the global jww logger.
	GlobalErrorCounter *jww.Counter
	PanicOnWarning     bool


func InitGlobalLogger added in v0.54.0

func InitGlobalLogger(stdoutThreshold, logThreshold jww.Threshold, outHandle, logHandle io.Writer)

InitGlobalLogger initializes the global logger, used in some rare cases.

func LoggerToWriterWithPrefix added in v0.75.0

func LoggerToWriterWithPrefix(logger *log.Logger, prefix string) io.Writer

func RemoveANSIColours added in v0.99.0

func RemoveANSIColours(s string) string

RemoveANSIColours removes all ANSI colours from the given string.


type IgnorableLogger added in v0.73.0

type IgnorableLogger interface {
	Errorsf(statementID, format string, v ...any)
	Apply(logger Logger) IgnorableLogger

IgnorableLogger is a logger that ignores certain log statements.

func NewIgnorableLogger added in v0.73.0

func NewIgnorableLogger(logger Logger, statements ...string) IgnorableLogger

NewIgnorableLogger wraps the given logger and ignores the log statement IDs given.

type LogCounters added in v0.77.0

type LogCounters struct {
	ErrorCounter *jww.Counter
	WarnCounter  *jww.Counter

type Logger added in v0.54.0

type Logger interface {
	Printf(format string, v ...any)
	Println(v ...any)
	PrintTimerIfDelayed(start time.Time, name string)
	Debug() *log.Logger
	Debugf(format string, v ...any)
	Debugln(v ...any)
	Info() *log.Logger
	Infof(format string, v ...any)
	Infoln(v ...any)
	Warn() *log.Logger
	Warnf(format string, v ...any)
	Warnln(v ...any)
	Error() *log.Logger
	Errorf(format string, v ...any)
	Errorln(v ...any)
	Errors() string

	Out() io.Writer


	// Used in tests.
	LogCounters() *LogCounters

func NewBasicLogger added in v0.75.0

func NewBasicLogger(t jww.Threshold) Logger

NewBasicLogger creates a new basic logger writing to Stdout.

func NewBasicLoggerForWriter added in v0.75.0

func NewBasicLoggerForWriter(t jww.Threshold, w io.Writer) Logger

NewBasicLoggerForWriter creates a new basic logger writing to w.

func NewDebugLogger

func NewDebugLogger() Logger

NewDebugLogger is a convenience function to create a debug logger.

func NewErrorLogger

func NewErrorLogger() Logger

NewErrorLogger is a convenience function to create an error logger.

func NewInfoLogger added in v0.75.0

func NewInfoLogger() Logger

NewInfoLogger is a convenience function to create a info logger.

func NewLogger added in v0.54.0

func NewLogger(stdoutThreshold, logThreshold jww.Threshold, outHandle, logHandle io.Writer, saveErrors bool) Logger

NewLogger creates a new Logger for the given thresholds

func NewWarningLogger

func NewWarningLogger() Logger

NewWarningLogger is a convenience function to create a warning logger.

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