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type Cache

type Cache struct {
	Fs afero.Fs
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache caches a set of files in a directory. This is usually a file on disk, but since this is backed by an Afero file system, it can be anything.

func NewCache

func NewCache(fs afero.Fs, maxAge time.Duration, pruneAllRootDir string) *Cache

NewCache creates a new file cache with the given filesystem and max age.

func (*Cache) Get

func (c *Cache) Get(id string) (ItemInfo, io.ReadCloser, error)

Get gets the file with the given id from the cahce, nil if none found.

func (*Cache) GetBytes

func (c *Cache) GetBytes(id string) (ItemInfo, []byte, error)

GetBytes gets the file content with the given id from the cahce, nil if none found.

func (*Cache) GetOrCreate

func (c *Cache) GetOrCreate(id string, create func() (io.ReadCloser, error)) (ItemInfo, io.ReadCloser, error)

GetOrCreate tries to get the file with the given id from cache. If not found or expired, create will be invoked and the result cached. This method is protected by a named lock using the given id as identifier.

func (*Cache) GetOrCreateBytes

func (c *Cache) GetOrCreateBytes(id string, create func() ([]byte, error)) (ItemInfo, []byte, error)

GetOrCreateBytes is the same as GetOrCreate, but produces a byte slice.

func (*Cache) Prune added in v0.56.0

func (c *Cache) Prune(force bool) (int, error)

Prune removes expired and unused items from this cache. If force is set, everything will be removed not considering expiry time.

func (*Cache) ReadOrCreate

func (c *Cache) ReadOrCreate(id string,
	read func(info ItemInfo, r io.Reader) error,
	create func(info ItemInfo, w io.WriteCloser) error) (info ItemInfo, err error)

ReadOrCreate tries to lookup the file in cache. If found, it is passed to read and then closed. If not found a new file is created and passed to create, which should close it when done.

func (*Cache) WriteCloser

func (c *Cache) WriteCloser(id string) (ItemInfo, io.WriteCloser, error)

WriteCloser returns a transactional writer into the cache. It's important that it's closed when done.

type Caches

type Caches map[string]*Cache

Caches is a named set of caches.

func NewCaches

func NewCaches(p *helpers.PathSpec) (Caches, error)

NewCaches creates a new set of file caches from the given configuration.

func (Caches) AssetsCache

func (f Caches) AssetsCache() *Cache

AssetsCache gets the file cache for assets (processed resources, SCSS etc.).

func (Caches) Get

func (f Caches) Get(name string) *Cache

Get gets a named cache, nil if none found.

func (Caches) GetCSVCache

func (f Caches) GetCSVCache() *Cache

GetCSVCache gets the file cache for getCSV.

func (Caches) GetJSONCache

func (f Caches) GetJSONCache() *Cache

GetJSONCache gets the file cache for getJSON.

func (Caches) ImageCache

func (f Caches) ImageCache() *Cache

ImageCache gets the file cache for processed images.

func (Caches) ModulesCache added in v0.56.0

func (f Caches) ModulesCache() *Cache

ModulesCache gets the file cache for Hugo Modules.

func (Caches) Prune

func (c Caches) Prune() (int, error)

Prune removes expired and unused items from this cache. The last one requires a full build so the cache usage can be tracked. Note that we operate directly on the filesystem here, so this is not thread safe.

type Config added in v0.56.0

type Config struct {
	// Max age of cache entries in this cache. Any items older than this will
	// be removed and not returned from the cache.
	// a negative value means forever, 0 means cache is disabled.
	MaxAge time.Duration

	// The directory where files are stored.
	Dir string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Configs added in v0.56.0

type Configs map[string]Config

func DecodeConfig added in v0.56.0

func DecodeConfig(fs afero.Fs, cfg config.Provider) (Configs, error)

func (Configs) CacheDirModules added in v0.56.0

func (c Configs) CacheDirModules() string

type ItemInfo

type ItemInfo struct {
	// This is the file's name relative to the cache's filesystem.
	Name string

ItemInfo contains info about a cached file.

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