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type Identities

type Identities map[Identity]Provider

Identities stores identity providers.

type IdentitiesProvider

type IdentitiesProvider interface {
	GetIdentities() Identities

IdentitiesProvider provides all Identities.

type Identity

type Identity interface {
	Name() string

Identity represents an thing that can provide an identify. This can be any Go type, but the Identity returned by GetIdentify must be hashable.

type IncrementByOne added in v0.69.0

type IncrementByOne struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

IncrementByOne implements Incrementer adding 1 every time Incr is called.

func (*IncrementByOne) Incr added in v0.69.0

func (c *IncrementByOne) Incr() int

type Incrementer added in v0.69.0

type Incrementer interface {
	Incr() int

Incrementer increments and returns the value. Typically used for IDs.

type KeyValueIdentity

type KeyValueIdentity struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

A KeyValueIdentity a general purpose identity.

func (KeyValueIdentity) GetIdentity

func (id KeyValueIdentity) GetIdentity() Identity

GetIdentity returns itself.

func (KeyValueIdentity) Name

func (id KeyValueIdentity) Name() string

Name returns the Key.

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	Add(ids ...Provider)

Manager manages identities, and is itself a Provider of Identity.

func NewManager

func NewManager(id Provider) Manager

NewIdentityManager creates a new Manager starting at id.

type PathIdentity

type PathIdentity struct {
	Type string
	Path string

A PathIdentity is a common identity identified by a type and a path, e.g. "layouts" and "_default/single.html".

func NewPathIdentity

func NewPathIdentity(typ, pat string) PathIdentity

NewPathIdentity creates a new Identity with the two identifiers type and path.

func (PathIdentity) GetIdentity

func (id PathIdentity) GetIdentity() Identity

GetIdentity returns itself.

func (PathIdentity) Name

func (id PathIdentity) Name() string

Name returns the Path.

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	GetIdentity() Identity

Provider provides the hashable Identity.

type SearchProvider added in v0.79.0

type SearchProvider interface {
	Search(id Identity) Provider

SearchProvider provides access to the chained set of identities.

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