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Published: Aug 4, 2022 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 31




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const (
	OutFormatJSON              = "json"
	OutFormatLineNumber        = "line-number"
	OutFormatColoredLineNumber = "colored-line-number"
	OutFormatTab               = "tab"
	OutFormatCheckstyle        = "checkstyle"
	OutFormatCodeClimate       = "code-climate"
	OutFormatHTML              = "html"
	OutFormatJunitXML          = "junit-xml"
	OutFormatGithubActions     = "github-actions"


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var DefaultExcludePatterns = []ExcludePattern{
		ID: "EXC0001",
		Pattern: "Error return value of .((os\\.)?std(out|err)\\..*|.*Close" +
			"|.*Flush|os\\.Remove(All)?|.*print(f|ln)?|os\\.(Un)?Setenv). is not checked",
		Linter: "errcheck",
		Why:    "Almost all programs ignore errors on these functions and in most cases it's ok",
		ID: "EXC0002",
		Pattern: "(comment on exported (method|function|type|const)|" +
			"should have( a package)? comment|comment should be of the form)",
		Linter: "golint",
		Why:    "Annoying issue about not having a comment. The rare codebase has such comments",
		ID:      "EXC0003",
		Pattern: "func name will be used as test\\.Test.* by other packages, and that stutters; consider calling this",
		Linter:  "golint",
		Why:     "False positive when tests are defined in package 'test'",
		ID:      "EXC0004",
		Pattern: "(possible misuse of unsafe.Pointer|should have signature)",
		Linter:  "govet",
		Why:     "Common false positives",
		ID:      "EXC0005",
		Pattern: "ineffective break statement. Did you mean to break out of the outer loop",
		Linter:  "staticcheck",
		Why:     "Developers tend to write in C-style with an explicit 'break' in a 'switch', so it's ok to ignore",
		ID:      "EXC0006",
		Pattern: "Use of unsafe calls should be audited",
		Linter:  "gosec",
		Why:     "Too many false-positives on 'unsafe' usage",
		ID:      "EXC0007",
		Pattern: "Subprocess launch(ed with variable|ing should be audited)",
		Linter:  "gosec",
		Why:     "Too many false-positives for parametrized shell calls",
		ID:      "EXC0008",
		Pattern: "(G104|G307)",
		Linter:  "gosec",
		Why:     "Duplicated errcheck checks",
		ID:      "EXC0009",
		Pattern: "(Expect directory permissions to be 0750 or less|Expect file permissions to be 0600 or less)",
		Linter:  "gosec",
		Why:     "Too many issues in popular repos",
		ID:      "EXC0010",
		Pattern: "Potential file inclusion via variable",
		Linter:  "gosec",
		Why:     "False positive is triggered by 'src, err := ioutil.ReadFile(filename)'",
		ID: "EXC0011",
		Pattern: "(comment on exported (method|function|type|const)|" +
			"should have( a package)? comment|comment should be of the form)",
		Linter: "stylecheck",
		Why:    "Annoying issue about not having a comment. The rare codebase has such comments",
		ID:      "EXC0012",
		Pattern: `exported (.+) should have comment( \(or a comment on this block\))? or be unexported`,
		Linter:  "revive",
		Why:     "Annoying issue about not having a comment. The rare codebase has such comments",
		ID:      "EXC0013",
		Pattern: `package comment should be of the form "(.+)...`,
		Linter:  "revive",
		Why:     "Annoying issue about not having a comment. The rare codebase has such comments",
		ID:      "EXC0014",
		Pattern: `comment on exported (.+) should be of the form "(.+)..."`,
		Linter:  "revive",
		Why:     "Annoying issue about not having a comment. The rare codebase has such comments",
		ID:      "EXC0015",
		Pattern: `should have a package comment, unless it's in another file for this package`,
		Linter:  "revive",
		Why:     "Annoying issue about not having a comment. The rare codebase has such comments",


func DetectGoVersion added in v1.45.1

func DetectGoVersion() string

func GetDefaultExcludePatternsStrings added in v1.4.1

func GetDefaultExcludePatternsStrings() []string

func IsGreaterThanOrEqualGo118 added in v1.45.1

func IsGreaterThanOrEqualGo118(v string) bool


type AsasalintSettings added in v1.47.0

type AsasalintSettings struct {
	Exclude              []string `mapstructure:"exclude"`
	UseBuiltinExclusions bool     `mapstructure:"use-builtin-exclusions"`
	IgnoreTest           bool     `mapstructure:"ignore-test"`

type BaseRule added in v1.28.0

type BaseRule struct {
	Linters []string
	Path    string
	Text    string
	Source  string

func (BaseRule) Validate added in v1.28.0

func (b BaseRule) Validate(minConditionsCount int) error

type BiDiChkSettings added in v1.44.0

type BiDiChkSettings struct {
	LeftToRightEmbedding     bool `mapstructure:"left-to-right-embedding"`
	RightToLeftEmbedding     bool `mapstructure:"right-to-left-embedding"`
	PopDirectionalFormatting bool `mapstructure:"pop-directional-formatting"`
	LeftToRightOverride      bool `mapstructure:"left-to-right-override"`
	RightToLeftOverride      bool `mapstructure:"right-to-left-override"`
	LeftToRightIsolate       bool `mapstructure:"left-to-right-isolate"`
	RightToLeftIsolate       bool `mapstructure:"right-to-left-isolate"`
	FirstStrongIsolate       bool `mapstructure:"first-strong-isolate"`
	PopDirectionalIsolate    bool `mapstructure:"pop-directional-isolate"`

type Config

type Config struct {
	Run Run

	Output Output

	LintersSettings LintersSettings `mapstructure:"linters-settings"`
	Linters         Linters
	Issues          Issues
	Severity        Severity
	Version         Version

	InternalCmdTest bool `mapstructure:"internal-cmd-test"` // Option is used only for testing golangci-lint command, don't use it
	InternalTest    bool // Option is used only for testing golangci-lint code, don't use it
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Config encapsulates the config data specified in the golangci yaml config file.

func NewDefault added in v1.8.1

func NewDefault() *Config

func (*Config) GetConfigDir added in v1.43.0

func (c *Config) GetConfigDir() string

GetConfigDir returns the directory that contains golangci config file.

type CustomLinterSettings added in v1.23.0

type CustomLinterSettings struct {
	// Path to a plugin *.so file that implements the private linter.
	Path string
	// Description describes the purpose of the private linter.
	Description string
	// The URL containing the source code for the private linter.
	OriginalURL string `mapstructure:"original-url"`

CustomLinterSettings encapsulates the meta-data of a private linter. For example, a private linter may be added to the golangci config file as shown below.

     path: /
     description: The description of the linter

type Cyclop added in v1.37.1

type Cyclop struct {
	MaxComplexity  int     `mapstructure:"max-complexity"`
	PackageAverage float64 `mapstructure:"package-average"`
	SkipTests      bool    `mapstructure:"skip-tests"`

type DecorderSettings added in v1.44.0

type DecorderSettings struct {
	DecOrder                  []string `mapstructure:"dec-order"`
	DisableDecNumCheck        bool     `mapstructure:"disable-dec-num-check"`
	DisableDecOrderCheck      bool     `mapstructure:"disable-dec-order-check"`
	DisableInitFuncFirstCheck bool     `mapstructure:"disable-init-func-first-check"`

type DepGuardSettings added in v1.40.0

type DepGuardSettings struct {
	ListType                 string `mapstructure:"list-type"`
	Packages                 []string
	IncludeGoRoot            bool               `mapstructure:"include-go-root"`
	PackagesWithErrorMessage map[string]string  `mapstructure:"packages-with-error-message"`
	IgnoreFileRules          []string           `mapstructure:"ignore-file-rules"`
	AdditionalGuards         []DepGuardSettings `mapstructure:"additional-guards"`

type DogsledSettings added in v1.19.0

type DogsledSettings struct {
	MaxBlankIdentifiers int `mapstructure:"max-blank-identifiers"`

type DuplSettings added in v1.40.0

type DuplSettings struct {
	Threshold int

type ErrChkJSONSettings added in v1.44.0

type ErrChkJSONSettings struct {
	CheckErrorFreeEncoding bool `mapstructure:"check-error-free-encoding"`
	ReportNoExported       bool `mapstructure:"report-no-exported"`

type ErrcheckSettings added in v1.11.1

type ErrcheckSettings struct {
	DisableDefaultExclusions bool     `mapstructure:"disable-default-exclusions"`
	CheckTypeAssertions      bool     `mapstructure:"check-type-assertions"`
	CheckAssignToBlank       bool     `mapstructure:"check-blank"`
	Ignore                   string   `mapstructure:"ignore"`
	ExcludeFunctions         []string `mapstructure:"exclude-functions"`

	// Deprecated: use ExcludeFunctions instead
	Exclude string `mapstructure:"exclude"`

type ErrorLintSettings added in v1.32.0

type ErrorLintSettings struct {
	Errorf     bool `mapstructure:"errorf"`
	Asserts    bool `mapstructure:"asserts"`
	Comparison bool `mapstructure:"comparison"`

type ExcludePattern added in v1.4.1

type ExcludePattern struct {
	ID      string
	Pattern string
	Linter  string
	Why     string

func GetExcludePatterns added in v1.33.0

func GetExcludePatterns(include []string) []ExcludePattern

type ExcludeRule added in v1.15.0

type ExcludeRule struct {
	BaseRule `mapstructure:",squash"`

func (ExcludeRule) Validate added in v1.15.0

func (e ExcludeRule) Validate() error

type ExhaustiveSettings added in v1.28.0

type ExhaustiveSettings struct {
	CheckGenerated             bool   `mapstructure:"check-generated"`
	DefaultSignifiesExhaustive bool   `mapstructure:"default-signifies-exhaustive"`
	IgnoreEnumMembers          string `mapstructure:"ignore-enum-members"`
	PackageScopeOnly           bool   `mapstructure:"package-scope-only"`

type ExhaustiveStructSettings added in v1.37.1

type ExhaustiveStructSettings struct {
	StructPatterns []string `mapstructure:"struct-patterns"`

type ExhaustructSettings added in v1.46.0

type ExhaustructSettings struct {
	Include []string `mapstructure:"include"`
	Exclude []string `mapstructure:"exclude"`

type FileReader added in v1.7.1

type FileReader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFileReader added in v1.7.1

func NewFileReader(toCfg, commandLineCfg *Config, log logutils.Log) *FileReader

func (*FileReader) Read added in v1.7.1

func (r *FileReader) Read() error

type ForbidigoSettings added in v1.33.1

type ForbidigoSettings struct {
	Forbid               []string `mapstructure:"forbid"`
	ExcludeGodocExamples bool     `mapstructure:"exclude-godoc-examples"`

type FunlenSettings added in v1.40.0

type FunlenSettings struct {
	Lines      int
	Statements int

type GciSettings added in v1.40.0

type GciSettings struct {
	LocalPrefixes string   `mapstructure:"local-prefixes"` // Deprecated
	Sections      []string `mapstructure:"sections"`
	SkipGenerated bool     `mapstructure:"skip-generated"`
	CustomOrder   bool     `mapstructure:"custom-order"`

type GoConstSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoConstSettings struct {
	IgnoreTests         bool `mapstructure:"ignore-tests"`
	MatchWithConstants  bool `mapstructure:"match-constant"`
	MinStringLen        int  `mapstructure:"min-len"`
	MinOccurrencesCount int  `mapstructure:"min-occurrences"`
	ParseNumbers        bool `mapstructure:"numbers"`
	NumberMin           int  `mapstructure:"min"`
	NumberMax           int  `mapstructure:"max"`
	IgnoreCalls         bool `mapstructure:"ignore-calls"`

type GoCycloSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoCycloSettings struct {
	MinComplexity int `mapstructure:"min-complexity"`

type GoFmtSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoFmtSettings struct {
	Simplify bool

type GoHeaderSettings added in v1.28.0

type GoHeaderSettings struct {
	Values       map[string]map[string]string `mapstructure:"values"`
	Template     string                       `mapstructure:"template"`
	TemplatePath string                       `mapstructure:"template-path"`

type GoImportsSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoImportsSettings struct {
	LocalPrefixes string `mapstructure:"local-prefixes"`

type GoLintSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoLintSettings struct {
	MinConfidence float64 `mapstructure:"min-confidence"`

type GoMndSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoMndSettings struct {
	Settings         map[string]map[string]interface{} // Deprecated
	Checks           []string                          `mapstructure:"checks"`
	IgnoredNumbers   []string                          `mapstructure:"ignored-numbers"`
	IgnoredFiles     []string                          `mapstructure:"ignored-files"`
	IgnoredFunctions []string                          `mapstructure:"ignored-functions"`

type GoModDirectivesSettings added in v1.39.0

type GoModDirectivesSettings struct {
	ReplaceAllowList          []string `mapstructure:"replace-allow-list"`
	ReplaceLocal              bool     `mapstructure:"replace-local"`
	ExcludeForbidden          bool     `mapstructure:"exclude-forbidden"`
	RetractAllowNoExplanation bool     `mapstructure:"retract-allow-no-explanation"`

type GoModGuardSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoModGuardSettings struct {
	Allowed struct {
		Modules []string `mapstructure:"modules"`
		Domains []string `mapstructure:"domains"`
	} `mapstructure:"allowed"`
	Blocked struct {
		Modules []map[string]struct {
			Recommendations []string `mapstructure:"recommendations"`
			Reason          string   `mapstructure:"reason"`
		} `mapstructure:"modules"`
		Versions []map[string]struct {
			Version string `mapstructure:"version"`
			Reason  string `mapstructure:"reason"`
		} `mapstructure:"versions"`
		LocalReplaceDirectives bool `mapstructure:"local_replace_directives"`
	} `mapstructure:"blocked"`

type GoSecSettings added in v1.40.0

type GoSecSettings struct {
	Includes         []string               `mapstructure:"includes"`
	Excludes         []string               `mapstructure:"excludes"`
	Severity         string                 `mapstructure:"severity"`
	Confidence       string                 `mapstructure:"confidence"`
	ExcludeGenerated bool                   `mapstructure:"exclude-generated"`
	Config           map[string]interface{} `mapstructure:"config"`
	Concurrency      int                    `mapstructure:"concurrency"`

type GocognitSettings added in v1.20.0

type GocognitSettings struct {
	MinComplexity int `mapstructure:"min-complexity"`

type GocriticCheckSettings added in v1.12.1

type GocriticCheckSettings map[string]interface{}

type GocriticSettings added in v1.12.1

type GocriticSettings struct {
	EnabledChecks    []string                         `mapstructure:"enabled-checks"`
	DisabledChecks   []string                         `mapstructure:"disabled-checks"`
	EnabledTags      []string                         `mapstructure:"enabled-tags"`
	DisabledTags     []string                         `mapstructure:"disabled-tags"`
	SettingsPerCheck map[string]GocriticCheckSettings `mapstructure:"settings"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*GocriticSettings) GetLowercasedParams added in v1.13.2

func (s *GocriticSettings) GetLowercasedParams() map[string]GocriticCheckSettings

func (*GocriticSettings) InferEnabledChecks added in v1.12.1

func (s *GocriticSettings) InferEnabledChecks(log logutils.Log)

func (*GocriticSettings) IsCheckEnabled added in v1.12.1

func (s *GocriticSettings) IsCheckEnabled(name string) bool

func (*GocriticSettings) Validate added in v1.12.1

func (s *GocriticSettings) Validate(log logutils.Log) error

type GodotSettings added in v1.25.0

type GodotSettings struct {
	Scope   string   `mapstructure:"scope"`
	Exclude []string `mapstructure:"exclude"`
	Capital bool     `mapstructure:"capital"`
	Period  bool     `mapstructure:"period"`

	// Deprecated: use `Scope` instead
	CheckAll bool `mapstructure:"check-all"`

type GodoxSettings added in v1.19.0

type GodoxSettings struct {
	Keywords []string

type GofumptSettings added in v1.29.0

type GofumptSettings struct {
	ModulePath string `mapstructure:"module-path"`
	ExtraRules bool   `mapstructure:"extra-rules"`

	// Deprecated: use the global `run.go` instead.
	LangVersion string `mapstructure:"lang-version"`

type GovetSettings added in v1.16.0

type GovetSettings struct {
	Go             string `mapstructure:"-"`
	CheckShadowing bool   `mapstructure:"check-shadowing"`
	Settings       map[string]map[string]interface{}

	Enable     []string
	Disable    []string
	EnableAll  bool `mapstructure:"enable-all"`
	DisableAll bool `mapstructure:"disable-all"`

func (*GovetSettings) Validate added in v1.19.0

func (cfg *GovetSettings) Validate() error

type GrouperSettings added in v1.44.0

type GrouperSettings struct {
	ConstRequireSingleConst   bool `mapstructure:"const-require-single-const"`
	ConstRequireGrouping      bool `mapstructure:"const-require-grouping"`
	ImportRequireSingleImport bool `mapstructure:"import-require-single-import"`
	ImportRequireGrouping     bool `mapstructure:"import-require-grouping"`
	TypeRequireSingleType     bool `mapstructure:"type-require-single-type"`
	TypeRequireGrouping       bool `mapstructure:"type-require-grouping"`
	VarRequireSingleVar       bool `mapstructure:"var-require-single-var"`
	VarRequireGrouping        bool `mapstructure:"var-require-grouping"`

type IfshortSettings added in v1.36.0

type IfshortSettings struct {
	MaxDeclLines int `mapstructure:"max-decl-lines"`
	MaxDeclChars int `mapstructure:"max-decl-chars"`

type ImportAsAlias added in v1.40.0

type ImportAsAlias struct {
	Pkg   string
	Alias string

type ImportAsSettings added in v1.38.0

type ImportAsSettings struct {
	Alias          []ImportAsAlias
	NoUnaliased    bool `mapstructure:"no-unaliased"`
	NoExtraAliases bool `mapstructure:"no-extra-aliases"`

type IreturnSettings added in v1.43.0

type IreturnSettings struct {
	Allow  []string `mapstructure:"allow"`
	Reject []string `mapstructure:"reject"`

type Issues

type Issues struct {
	IncludeDefaultExcludes []string      `mapstructure:"include"`
	ExcludeCaseSensitive   bool          `mapstructure:"exclude-case-sensitive"`
	ExcludePatterns        []string      `mapstructure:"exclude"`
	ExcludeRules           []ExcludeRule `mapstructure:"exclude-rules"`
	UseDefaultExcludes     bool          `mapstructure:"exclude-use-default"`

	MaxIssuesPerLinter int `mapstructure:"max-issues-per-linter"`
	MaxSameIssues      int `mapstructure:"max-same-issues"`

	DiffFromRevision  string `mapstructure:"new-from-rev"`
	DiffPatchFilePath string `mapstructure:"new-from-patch"`
	WholeFiles        bool   `mapstructure:"whole-files"`
	Diff              bool   `mapstructure:"new"`

	NeedFix bool `mapstructure:"fix"`

type Linters

type Linters struct {
	Enable     []string
	Disable    []string
	EnableAll  bool `mapstructure:"enable-all"`
	DisableAll bool `mapstructure:"disable-all"`
	Fast       bool

	Presets []string

type LintersSettings

type LintersSettings struct {
	Asasalint        AsasalintSettings
	BiDiChk          BiDiChkSettings
	Cyclop           Cyclop
	Decorder         DecorderSettings
	Depguard         DepGuardSettings
	Dogsled          DogsledSettings
	Dupl             DuplSettings
	Errcheck         ErrcheckSettings
	ErrChkJSON       ErrChkJSONSettings
	ErrorLint        ErrorLintSettings
	Exhaustive       ExhaustiveSettings
	ExhaustiveStruct ExhaustiveStructSettings
	Exhaustruct      ExhaustructSettings
	Forbidigo        ForbidigoSettings
	Funlen           FunlenSettings
	Gci              GciSettings
	Gocognit         GocognitSettings
	Goconst          GoConstSettings
	Gocritic         GocriticSettings
	Gocyclo          GoCycloSettings
	Godot            GodotSettings
	Godox            GodoxSettings
	Gofmt            GoFmtSettings
	Gofumpt          GofumptSettings
	Goheader         GoHeaderSettings
	Goimports        GoImportsSettings
	Golint           GoLintSettings
	Gomnd            GoMndSettings
	GoModDirectives  GoModDirectivesSettings
	Gomodguard       GoModGuardSettings
	Gosec            GoSecSettings
	Gosimple         StaticCheckSettings
	Govet            GovetSettings
	Grouper          GrouperSettings
	Ifshort          IfshortSettings
	ImportAs         ImportAsSettings
	Ireturn          IreturnSettings
	Lll              LllSettings
	MaintIdx         MaintIdxSettings
	Makezero         MakezeroSettings
	Maligned         MalignedSettings
	Misspell         MisspellSettings
	Nakedret         NakedretSettings
	Nestif           NestifSettings
	NilNil           NilNilSettings
	Nlreturn         NlreturnSettings
	NoLintLint       NoLintLintSettings
	NoNamedReturns   NoNamedReturnsSettings
	ParallelTest     ParallelTestSettings
	Prealloc         PreallocSettings
	Predeclared      PredeclaredSettings
	Promlinter       PromlinterSettings
	Revive           ReviveSettings
	RowsErrCheck     RowsErrCheckSettings
	Staticcheck      StaticCheckSettings
	Structcheck      StructCheckSettings
	Stylecheck       StaticCheckSettings
	Tagliatelle      TagliatelleSettings
	Tenv             TenvSettings
	Testpackage      TestpackageSettings
	Thelper          ThelperSettings
	Unparam          UnparamSettings
	Unused           StaticCheckSettings
	UseStdlibVars    UseStdlibVarsSettings
	Varcheck         VarCheckSettings
	Varnamelen       VarnamelenSettings
	Whitespace       WhitespaceSettings
	Wrapcheck        WrapcheckSettings
	WSL              WSLSettings

	Custom map[string]CustomLinterSettings

type LllSettings added in v1.8.1

type LllSettings struct {
	LineLength int `mapstructure:"line-length"`
	TabWidth   int `mapstructure:"tab-width"`

type MaintIdxSettings added in v1.44.0

type MaintIdxSettings struct {
	Under int `mapstructure:"under"`

type MakezeroSettings added in v1.33.1

type MakezeroSettings struct {
	Always bool

type MalignedSettings added in v1.40.0

type MalignedSettings struct {
	SuggestNewOrder bool `mapstructure:"suggest-new"`

type MisspellSettings added in v1.40.0

type MisspellSettings struct {
	Locale      string
	IgnoreWords []string `mapstructure:"ignore-words"`

type NakedretSettings added in v1.9.1

type NakedretSettings struct {
	MaxFuncLines int `mapstructure:"max-func-lines"`

type NestifSettings added in v1.25.0

type NestifSettings struct {
	MinComplexity int `mapstructure:"min-complexity"`

type NilNilSettings added in v1.43.0

type NilNilSettings struct {
	CheckedTypes []string `mapstructure:"checked-types"`

type NlreturnSettings added in v1.43.0

type NlreturnSettings struct {
	BlockSize int `mapstructure:"block-size"`

type NoLintLintSettings added in v1.26.0

type NoLintLintSettings struct {
	RequireExplanation bool     `mapstructure:"require-explanation"`
	RequireSpecific    bool     `mapstructure:"require-specific"`
	AllowNoExplanation []string `mapstructure:"allow-no-explanation"`
	AllowUnused        bool     `mapstructure:"allow-unused"`

type NoNamedReturnsSettings added in v1.47.0

type NoNamedReturnsSettings struct {
	ReportErrorInDefer bool `mapstructure:"report-error-in-defer"`

type Output added in v1.40.0

type Output struct {
	Format              string
	Color               string
	PrintIssuedLine     bool   `mapstructure:"print-issued-lines"`
	PrintLinterName     bool   `mapstructure:"print-linter-name"`
	UniqByLine          bool   `mapstructure:"uniq-by-line"`
	SortResults         bool   `mapstructure:"sort-results"`
	PrintWelcomeMessage bool   `mapstructure:"print-welcome"`
	PathPrefix          string `mapstructure:"path-prefix"`

type ParallelTestSettings added in v1.47.0

type ParallelTestSettings struct {
	IgnoreMissing bool `mapstructure:"ignore-missing"`

type PreallocSettings added in v1.9.1

type PreallocSettings struct {
	Simple     bool
	RangeLoops bool `mapstructure:"range-loops"`
	ForLoops   bool `mapstructure:"for-loops"`

type PredeclaredSettings added in v1.35.0

type PredeclaredSettings struct {
	Ignore    string `mapstructure:"ignore"`
	Qualified bool   `mapstructure:"q"`

type PromlinterSettings added in v1.40.0

type PromlinterSettings struct {
	Strict          bool     `mapstructure:"strict"`
	DisabledLinters []string `mapstructure:"disabled-linters"`

type ReviveSettings added in v1.37.0

type ReviveSettings struct {
	MaxOpenFiles          int  `mapstructure:"max-open-files"`
	IgnoreGeneratedHeader bool `mapstructure:"ignore-generated-header"`
	Confidence            float64
	Severity              string
	EnableAllRules        bool `mapstructure:"enable-all-rules"`
	Rules                 []struct {
		Name      string
		Arguments []interface{}
		Severity  string
		Disabled  bool
	ErrorCode   int `mapstructure:"error-code"`
	WarningCode int `mapstructure:"warning-code"`
	Directives  []struct {
		Name     string
		Severity string

type RowsErrCheckSettings added in v1.40.0

type RowsErrCheckSettings struct {
	Packages []string

type Run

type Run struct {
	IsVerbose           bool `mapstructure:"verbose"`
	Silent              bool
	CPUProfilePath      string
	MemProfilePath      string
	TracePath           string
	Concurrency         int
	PrintResourcesUsage bool `mapstructure:"print-resources-usage"`

	Config   string // The path to the golangci config file, as specified with the --config argument.
	NoConfig bool

	Args []string

	Go string `mapstructure:"go"`

	BuildTags           []string `mapstructure:"build-tags"`
	ModulesDownloadMode string   `mapstructure:"modules-download-mode"`

	ExitCodeIfIssuesFound int  `mapstructure:"issues-exit-code"`
	AnalyzeTests          bool `mapstructure:"tests"`

	// Deprecated: Deadline exists for historical compatibility
	// and should not be used. To set run timeout use Timeout instead.
	Deadline time.Duration
	Timeout  time.Duration

	PrintVersion       bool
	SkipFiles          []string `mapstructure:"skip-files"`
	SkipDirs           []string `mapstructure:"skip-dirs"`
	UseDefaultSkipDirs bool     `mapstructure:"skip-dirs-use-default"`

	AllowParallelRunners bool `mapstructure:"allow-parallel-runners"`
	AllowSerialRunners   bool `mapstructure:"allow-serial-runners"`

Run encapsulates the config options for running the linter analysis.

type Severity added in v1.28.0

type Severity struct {
	Default       string         `mapstructure:"default-severity"`
	CaseSensitive bool           `mapstructure:"case-sensitive"`
	Rules         []SeverityRule `mapstructure:"rules"`

type SeverityRule added in v1.28.0

type SeverityRule struct {
	BaseRule `mapstructure:",squash"`
	Severity string

func (*SeverityRule) Validate added in v1.28.0

func (s *SeverityRule) Validate() error

type StaticCheckSettings added in v1.40.0

type StaticCheckSettings struct {
	// Deprecated: use the global `run.go` instead.
	GoVersion string `mapstructure:"go"`

	Checks                  []string `mapstructure:"checks"`
	Initialisms             []string `mapstructure:"initialisms"`                // only for stylecheck
	DotImportWhitelist      []string `mapstructure:"dot-import-whitelist"`       // only for stylecheck
	HTTPStatusCodeWhitelist []string `mapstructure:"http-status-code-whitelist"` // only for stylecheck

func (*StaticCheckSettings) HasConfiguration added in v1.41.0

func (s *StaticCheckSettings) HasConfiguration() bool

type StructCheckSettings added in v1.40.0

type StructCheckSettings struct {
	CheckExportedFields bool `mapstructure:"exported-fields"`

type TagliatelleSettings added in v1.40.0

type TagliatelleSettings struct {
	Case struct {
		Rules        map[string]string
		UseFieldName bool `mapstructure:"use-field-name"`

type TenvSettings added in v1.43.0

type TenvSettings struct {
	All bool `mapstructure:"all"`

type TestpackageSettings added in v1.25.0

type TestpackageSettings struct {
	SkipRegexp    string   `mapstructure:"skip-regexp"`
	AllowPackages []string `mapstructure:"allow-packages"`

type ThelperOptions added in v1.46.2

type ThelperOptions struct {
	First *bool `mapstructure:"first"`
	Name  *bool `mapstructure:"name"`
	Begin *bool `mapstructure:"begin"`

type ThelperSettings added in v1.33.1

type ThelperSettings struct {
	Test      ThelperOptions `mapstructure:"test"`
	Fuzz      ThelperOptions `mapstructure:"fuzz"`
	Benchmark ThelperOptions `mapstructure:"benchmark"`
	TB        ThelperOptions `mapstructure:"tb"`

type UnparamSettings added in v1.9.1

type UnparamSettings struct {
	CheckExported bool `mapstructure:"check-exported"`
	Algo          string

type UseStdlibVarsSettings added in v1.48.0

type UseStdlibVarsSettings struct {
	HTTPMethod         bool `mapstructure:"http-method"`
	HTTPStatusCode     bool `mapstructure:"http-status-code"`
	TimeWeekday        bool `mapstructure:"time-weekday"`
	TimeMonth          bool `mapstructure:"time-month"`
	TimeLayout         bool `mapstructure:"time-layout"`
	CryptoHash         bool `mapstructure:"crypto-hash"`
	DefaultRPCPathFlag bool `mapstructure:"default-rpc-path"`

type VarCheckSettings added in v1.40.0

type VarCheckSettings struct {
	CheckExportedFields bool `mapstructure:"exported-fields"`

type VarnamelenSettings added in v1.43.0

type VarnamelenSettings struct {
	MaxDistance        int      `mapstructure:"max-distance"`
	MinNameLength      int      `mapstructure:"min-name-length"`
	CheckReceiver      bool     `mapstructure:"check-receiver"`
	CheckReturn        bool     `mapstructure:"check-return"`
	CheckTypeParam     bool     `mapstructure:"check-type-param"`
	IgnoreNames        []string `mapstructure:"ignore-names"`
	IgnoreTypeAssertOk bool     `mapstructure:"ignore-type-assert-ok"`
	IgnoreMapIndexOk   bool     `mapstructure:"ignore-map-index-ok"`
	IgnoreChanRecvOk   bool     `mapstructure:"ignore-chan-recv-ok"`
	IgnoreDecls        []string `mapstructure:"ignore-decls"`

type Version added in v1.31.0

type Version struct {
	Format string `mapstructure:"format"`

type WSLSettings added in v1.20.0

type WSLSettings struct {
	StrictAppend                     bool `mapstructure:"strict-append"`
	AllowAssignAndCallCuddle         bool `mapstructure:"allow-assign-and-call"`
	AllowAssignAndAnythingCuddle     bool `mapstructure:"allow-assign-and-anything"`
	AllowMultiLineAssignCuddle       bool `mapstructure:"allow-multiline-assign"`
	AllowCuddleDeclaration           bool `mapstructure:"allow-cuddle-declarations"`
	AllowTrailingComment             bool `mapstructure:"allow-trailing-comment"`
	AllowSeparatedLeadingComment     bool `mapstructure:"allow-separated-leading-comment"`
	ForceCuddleErrCheckAndAssign     bool `mapstructure:"force-err-cuddling"`
	ForceExclusiveShortDeclarations  bool `mapstructure:"force-short-decl-cuddling"`
	ForceCaseTrailingWhitespaceLimit int  `mapstructure:"force-case-trailing-whitespace"`

type WhitespaceSettings added in v1.40.0

type WhitespaceSettings struct {
	MultiIf   bool `mapstructure:"multi-if"`
	MultiFunc bool `mapstructure:"multi-func"`

type WrapcheckSettings added in v1.40.0

type WrapcheckSettings struct {
	// TODO(ldez): v2 the options must be renamed to use hyphen.
	IgnoreSigs             []string `mapstructure:"ignoreSigs"`
	IgnoreSigRegexps       []string `mapstructure:"ignoreSigRegexps"`
	IgnorePackageGlobs     []string `mapstructure:"ignorePackageGlobs"`
	IgnoreInterfaceRegexps []string `mapstructure:"ignoreInterfaceRegexps"`

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