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const (
	PresetBugs        = "bugs"        // Related to bugs detection.
	PresetComment     = "comment"     // Related to comments analysis.
	PresetComplexity  = "complexity"  // Related to code complexity analysis.
	PresetError       = "error"       // Related to error handling analysis.
	PresetFormatting  = "format"      // Related to code formatting.
	PresetImport      = "import"      // Related to imports analysis.
	PresetMetaLinter  = "metalinter"  // Related to linter that contains multiple rules or multiple linters.
	PresetModule      = "module"      // Related to Go modules analysis.
	PresetPerformance = "performance" // Related to performance.
	PresetSQL         = "sql"         // Related to SQL.
	PresetStyle       = "style"       // Related to coding style.
	PresetTest        = "test"        // Related to the analysis of the code of the tests.
	PresetUnused      = "unused"      // Related to the detection of unused code.
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const LastLinter = "nolintlint"

    LastLinter nolintlint must be last because it looks at the results of all the previous linters for unused nolint directives.


    This section is empty.


    This section is empty.


    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	Linter           Linter
    	EnabledByDefault bool
    	LoadMode packages.LoadMode
    	InPresets        []string
    	AlternativeNames []string
    	OriginalURL     string // URL of original (not forked) repo, needed for autogenerated README
    	CanAutoFix      bool
    	IsSlow          bool
    	DoesChangeTypes bool
    	Since       string
    	Deprecation *Deprecation

    func NewConfig

    func NewConfig(linter Linter) *Config

    func (*Config) AllNames

    func (lc *Config) AllNames() []string

    func (*Config) ConsiderSlow

    func (lc *Config) ConsiderSlow() *Config

    func (*Config) Deprecated

    func (lc *Config) Deprecated(message, version, replacement string) *Config

    func (*Config) IsDeprecated

    func (lc *Config) IsDeprecated() bool

    func (*Config) IsSlowLinter

    func (lc *Config) IsSlowLinter() bool

    func (*Config) Name

    func (lc *Config) Name() string

    func (*Config) WithAlternativeNames

    func (lc *Config) WithAlternativeNames(names ...string) *Config

    func (*Config) WithAutoFix

    func (lc *Config) WithAutoFix() *Config

    func (*Config) WithChangeTypes

    func (lc *Config) WithChangeTypes() *Config

    func (*Config) WithLoadFiles

    func (lc *Config) WithLoadFiles() *Config

    func (*Config) WithLoadForGoAnalysis

    func (lc *Config) WithLoadForGoAnalysis() *Config

    func (*Config) WithPresets

    func (lc *Config) WithPresets(presets ...string) *Config

    func (*Config) WithSince

    func (lc *Config) WithSince(version string) *Config

    func (*Config) WithURL

    func (lc *Config) WithURL(url string) *Config

    type Context

    type Context struct {
    	// Packages are deduplicated (test and normal packages) packages
    	Packages []*packages.Package
    	// OriginalPackages aren't deduplicated: they contain both normal and test
    	// version for each of packages
    	OriginalPackages []*packages.Package
    	Cfg       *config.Config
    	FileCache *fsutils.FileCache
    	LineCache *fsutils.LineCache
    	Log       logutils.Log
    	PkgCache  *pkgcache.Cache
    	LoadGuard *load.Guard

    func (*Context) ClearTypesInPackages

    func (c *Context) ClearTypesInPackages()

    func (*Context) Settings

    func (c *Context) Settings() *config.LintersSettings

    type Deprecation

    type Deprecation struct {
    	Since       string
    	Message     string
    	Replacement string

    type Linter

    type Linter interface {
    	Run(ctx context.Context, lintCtx *Context) ([]result.Issue, error)
    	Name() string
    	Desc() string