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func BooleanGen

func BooleanGen() []interface{}

func Date32Gen

func Date32Gen() []interface{}

func Date64Gen

func Date64Gen() []interface{}

func DayTimeIntervalGen

func DayTimeIntervalGen() []interface{}

func Decimal128Gen

func Decimal128Gen() []interface{}

func Duration_msGen

func Duration_msGen() []interface{}

func Duration_nsGen

func Duration_nsGen() []interface{}

func Duration_sGen

func Duration_sGen() []interface{}

func Duration_usGen

func Duration_usGen() []interface{}

func Float16Gen

func Float16Gen() []interface{}

func Float32Gen

func Float32Gen() []interface{}

func Float64Gen

func Float64Gen() []interface{}

func Int16Gen

func Int16Gen() []interface{}

func Int32Gen

func Int32Gen() []interface{}

func Int64Gen

func Int64Gen() []interface{}

func Int8Gen

func Int8Gen() []interface{}

func MonthIntervalGen

func MonthIntervalGen() []interface{}

func StringGen

func StringGen() []interface{}

func Time32msGen

func Time32msGen() []interface{}

func Time32sGen

func Time32sGen() []interface{}

func Time64nsGen

func Time64nsGen() []interface{}

func Time64usGen

func Time64usGen() []interface{}

func Timestamp_msGen

func Timestamp_msGen() []interface{}

func Timestamp_nsGen

func Timestamp_nsGen() []interface{}

func Timestamp_sGen

func Timestamp_sGen() []interface{}

func Timestamp_usGen

func Timestamp_usGen() []interface{}

func Uint16Gen

func Uint16Gen() []interface{}

func Uint32Gen

func Uint32Gen() []interface{}

func Uint64Gen

func Uint64Gen() []interface{}

func Uint8Gen

func Uint8Gen() []interface{}


type SmartBuilder

type SmartBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SmartBuilder knows how to convert to the correct type when building.

func NewSmartBuilder

func NewSmartBuilder(recordBuilder *array.RecordBuilder) *SmartBuilder

NewSmartBuilder creates a SmartBuilder that knows how to convert to the correct type when building.

func (*SmartBuilder) Append

func (sb *SmartBuilder) Append(fieldIndex int, v interface{}) error

type SmartBuilderTestCase

type SmartBuilderTestCase struct {
	Values []interface{}
	Dtype  arrow.DataType
	Want   string

func GenerateSmartBuilderTestCases

func GenerateSmartBuilderTestCases() []SmartBuilderTestCase

TODO: Add boolean, null

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