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type Manager

type Manager struct {
	Prefix string
	Name   string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewManager

func NewManager(c option.Config) (*Manager, error)

func (*Manager) GetName

func (m *Manager) GetName() string

func (*Manager) GetPrefix

func (m *Manager) GetPrefix() string

type Mutex

type Mutex struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Mutex is a mutual exclusion lock which is distributed across a cluster.

func New

func New(key string, ttl int, c client.Client) *Mutex

New creates a Mutex with the given key which must be the same across the cluster nodes.

func (*Mutex) Lock

func (m *Mutex) Lock() (err error)

Lock locks m. If the lock is already in use, the calling goroutine blocks until the mutex is available.

func (*Mutex) Unlock

func (m *Mutex) Unlock() (err error)

Unlock unlocks m. It is a run-time error if m is not locked on entry to Unlock.

A locked Mutex is not associated with a particular goroutine. It is allowed for one goroutine to lock a Mutex and then arrange for another goroutine to unlock it.

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