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func NewFaliResponse

func NewFaliResponse(code int, message string, messageCN string, response *restful.Response)

NewFaliResponse 创建返回失败结构

func NewPostSuccessResponse

func NewPostSuccessResponse(bean interface{}, list []interface{}, response *restful.Response)

NewPostSuccessResponse 创建成功返回结构

func NewSuccessMessageResponse

func NewSuccessMessageResponse(bean interface{}, list []interface{}, message, messageCN string, response *restful.Response)

NewSuccessMessageResponse 创建成功返回结构

func NewSuccessResponse

func NewSuccessResponse(bean interface{}, list []interface{}, response *restful.Response)

NewSuccessResponse 创建成功返回结构

func RePoolName

func RePoolName(Tenant, Service string, Port int32) string

RePoolName pool name

func Register

func Register(container *restful.Container, coreManager core.Manager, readStore store.ReadStore, apiStoreManager *apistore.Manager, clientSet *kubernetes.Clientset)

Register api register

func RuleName

func RuleName(Tenant, Service, domain string, port int32) string

RuleName rule name


type DomainSource

type DomainSource struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DomainSource 域名接口

func (DomainSource) Register

func (u DomainSource) Register(container *restful.Container)

Register 注册

type NodeSource

type NodeSource struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodeSource 集群节点管理接口

func (NodeSource) Register

func (u NodeSource) Register(container *restful.Container)

Register 注册

type PodSource

type PodSource struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PodSource 查询应用实例的端口映射情况

func (PodSource) Register

func (u PodSource) Register(container *restful.Container)

Register 注册

type ResponseBody

type ResponseBody struct {
	Bean     interface{}   `json:"bean,omitempty"`
	List     []interface{} `json:"list,omitempty"`
	PageNum  int           `json:"pageNumber,omitempty"`
	PageSize int           `json:"pageSize,omitempty"`
	Total    int           `json:"total,omitempty"`

ResponseBody 返回主要内容体

type ResponseType

type ResponseType struct {
	Code      int          `json:"code"`
	Message   string       `json:"msg,omitempty"`
	MessageCN string       `json:"msgcn,omitempty"`
	Body      ResponseBody `json:"body,omitempty"`

ResponseType 返回内容

func NewResponseType

func NewResponseType(code int, message string, messageCN string, bean interface{}, list []interface{}) ResponseType

NewResponseType 构建返回结构

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