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func Check

func Check(ctx plugin.Context) error

Check check zeus plugin optins

func Err

func Err(err error, msg string, code int) error

Err 创建错误

func GetJSON

func GetJSON(obj interface{}) []byte

GetJSON 获取json

func New

func New(ctx plugin.Context) (plugin.Plugin, error)

New create zeus plugin


type HostMaping

type HostMaping struct {
	Host            string `json:"host"`
	CertificateName string `json:"certificate"`

type PoolBasic

type PoolBasic struct {
	BandwidthClass string      `json:"bandwidth_class"`
	Monitors       []string    `json:"monitors"`
	NodesTable     []*ZeusNode `json:"nodes_table"`
	FailurePool    string      `json:"failure_pool"`
	Note           string      `json:"note"`

type PoolConnection

type PoolConnection struct {
	MaxReplyTime int `json:"max_reply_time"`

type PoolProperties

type PoolProperties struct {
	Basic      PoolBasic      `json:"basic"`
	Connection PoolConnection `json:"connection"`

type Properties

type Properties interface {

type SSL

type SSL struct {
	Note    string `json:"note"`
	Private string `json:"private"`
	Public  string `json:"public"`
	Request string `json:"request"`

type SSLProperties

type SSLProperties struct {
	Basic SSL `json:"basic"`

type Source

type Source struct {
	Properties Properties `json:"properties"`

Source zeus资源模型

func (Source) GetJSON

func (z Source) GetJSON() ([]byte, error)

GetJSON 序列化json

type VSBasic

type VSBasic struct {
	AddXForwardedFor bool     `json:"add_x_forwarded_for"`
	ListenONAny      bool     `json:"listen_on_any"`
	ListenONHosts    []string `json:"listen_on_hosts,omitempty"`
	Note             string   `json:"note"`
	DefaultPoolName  string   `json:"pool"`
	Port             int32    `json:"port"`
	Enabled          bool     `json:"enabled"`
	Protocol         string   `json:"protocol"` //stream http https 等等
	RequestRules     []string `json:"request_rules,omitempty"`
	ResponseRules    []string `json:"response_rules,omitempty"`
	SSLDecrypt       bool     `json:"ssl_decrypt"`
	ConnectTimeout   int      `json:"connect_timeout"`

type VSProperties

type VSProperties struct {
	Basic VSBasic `json:"basic"`
	SSL   VSssl   `json:"ssl"`
	Log   VsLog   `json:"log"`

type VSssl

type VSssl struct {
	ServerCertDefault     string        `json:"server_cert_default,omitempty"`
	ServerCertHostMapping []*HostMaping `json:"server_cert_host_mapping"`

VSssl 虚拟服务ssl配置

type VsLog

type VsLog struct {
	Enabled                  bool   `json:"enabled"`
	Filename                 string `json:"filename"`
	Format                   string `json:"format"`
	SSLFailures              bool   `json:"ssl_failures"`
	ClientConnectionFailures bool   `json:"client_connection_failures"`

type ZeusError

type ZeusError struct {
	Code    int
	Message string
	Err     error

func (*ZeusError) Error

func (e *ZeusError) Error() string

type ZeusNode

type ZeusNode struct {
	Node   string `json:"node"`
	State  string `json:"state"`
	Weight int    `json:"weight"`

type ZeusRules

type ZeusRules struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CreateHTTPRule

func CreateHTTPRule(rules []*object.RuleObject) ZeusRules

CreateHTTPRule http rule list

func CreateHTTPSRule

func CreateHTTPSRule(rules []*object.RuleObject) ZeusRules

CreateHTTPSRule https rule list

func (ZeusRules) Bytes

func (z ZeusRules) Bytes() []byte

Bytes return rule script

func (ZeusRules) Name

func (z ZeusRules) Name() string

Name return rule list name

func (ZeusRules) String

func (z ZeusRules) String() string

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