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Published: Jul 11, 2018 | License: LGPL-3.0 | Module:


func Common

func Common(c *cli.Context)

Common Common

func ExecTaskAndCheckStatus

func ExecTaskAndCheckStatus(taskID string, nodes []string)

ExecTaskAndCheckStatus 执行一个任务并检测状态

func GetCmds

func GetCmds() []cli.Command

GetCmds GetCmds

func GetCommand

func GetCommand(status bool) []cli.Command

func GetEventLogf

func GetEventLogf(eventID, server string)

func GetServiceAliasID

func GetServiceAliasID(ServiceID string) string

func NewCmdCheckTask

func NewCmdCheckTask() cli.Command

func NewCmdCloudAuth

func NewCmdCloudAuth() cli.Command

NewCmdCloudAuth 云市授权相关操作

func NewCmdConfigs

func NewCmdConfigs() cli.Command

NewCmdConfigs 全局配置相关命令

func NewCmdDomain

func NewCmdDomain() cli.Command

func NewCmdExec

func NewCmdExec() cli.Command

func NewCmdInit

func NewCmdInit() cli.Command

NewCmdInit grctl init

func NewCmdInstall

func NewCmdInstall() cli.Command

func NewCmdInstallStatus

func NewCmdInstallStatus() cli.Command

func NewCmdNode

func NewCmdNode() cli.Command

NewCmdNode NewCmdNode

func NewCmdNodeRes

func NewCmdNodeRes() cli.Command

func NewCmdPlugin

func NewCmdPlugin() cli.Command

NewCmdPlugin 插件相关操作

func NewCmdService

func NewCmdService() cli.Command

func NewCmdShow

func NewCmdShow() cli.Command

func NewCmdSources

func NewCmdSources() cli.Command

NewCmdSources 资源相关操作

func NewCmdTasks

func NewCmdTasks() cli.Command

NewCmdTasks 任务相关命令

func NewCmdTenant

func NewCmdTenant() cli.Command

NewCmdTenant tenant cmd

func Status

func Status(task string, nodes []string)

func Task

func Task(c *cli.Context, task string, status bool) error

type CloudAuth

type CloudAuth struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CloudAuth CloudAuth

type ExecedTask

type ExecedTask struct {
	ID      string
	Status  string
	Depends []string
	Next    []string

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