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type BufferPool

type BufferPool struct {

BufferPool defines a Pool of Buffers

func NewBufferPool

func NewBufferPool(s int) *BufferPool

NewBufferPool creates a new BufferPool with a custom buffer size

func (*BufferPool) Get

func (bp *BufferPool) Get() *bytes.Buffer

Get returns a Buffer from the pool

func (*BufferPool) Put

func (bp *BufferPool) Put(b *bytes.Buffer)

Put resets ans returns a Buffer to the pool

type NginxConfigFileTemplete

type NginxConfigFileTemplete struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NginxConfigFileTemplete nginx config file manage write by templete

func NewNginxConfigFileTemplete

func NewNginxConfigFileTemplete() (*NginxConfigFileTemplete, error)

NewNginxConfigFileTemplete new nginx config file manage

func (*NginxConfigFileTemplete) ClearByTenant

func (n *NginxConfigFileTemplete) ClearByTenant(tenant string) error

ClearByTenant clear tenant config

func (*NginxConfigFileTemplete) GetConfigFileDirPath

func (n *NginxConfigFileTemplete) GetConfigFileDirPath() string

GetConfigFileDirPath get configfile dir path

func (*NginxConfigFileTemplete) NewNginxTemplate

func (n *NginxConfigFileTemplete) NewNginxTemplate(data *model.Nginx) error

NewNginxTemplate new nginx main config

func (*NginxConfigFileTemplete) WriteServer

func (n *NginxConfigFileTemplete) WriteServer(c option.Config, configtype, tenant string, servers ...*model.Server) error

WriteServer write server config

type NginxServerContext

type NginxServerContext struct {
	Servers     []*model.Server
	TCPBackends []*model.Server
	UDPBackends []*model.Server
	Set         option.Config

NginxServerContext nginx server config

type NginxUpstreamContext

type NginxUpstreamContext struct {
	Upstream *model.Upstream
	Set      option.Config

NginxUpstreamContext nginx upstream config

type Template

type Template struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Template ...

func NewTemplate

func NewTemplate(fileName string) (*Template, error)

NewTemplate returns a new Template instance or an error if the specified template file contains errors

func (*Template) Write

func (t *Template) Write(conf interface{}) ([]byte, error)

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