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Published: Mar 2, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 38 Imported by: 1,257



Manager of cAdvisor-monitored containers.



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const (
	DockerNamespace = "docker"
	PodmanNamespace = "podman"

The namespace under which aliases are unique.


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var HousekeepingConfigFlags = HousekeepingConfig{
	flag.Duration("max_housekeeping_interval", 60*time.Second, "Largest interval to allow between container housekeepings"),
	flag.Bool("allow_dynamic_housekeeping", true, "Whether to allow the housekeeping interval to be dynamic"),
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var HousekeepingInterval = flag.Duration("housekeeping_interval", 1*time.Second, "Interval between container housekeepings")


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type HousekeepingConfig added in v0.48.0

type HousekeepingConfig = struct {
	Interval     *time.Duration
	AllowDynamic *bool

Housekeeping configuration for the manager

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	// Start the manager. Calling other manager methods before this returns
	// may produce undefined behavior.
	Start() error

	// Stops the manager.
	Stop() error

	//  information about a container.
	GetContainerInfo(containerName string, query *info.ContainerInfoRequest) (*info.ContainerInfo, error)

	// Get V2 information about a container.
	// Recursive (subcontainer) requests are best-effort, and may return a partial result alongside an
	// error in the partial failure case.
	GetContainerInfoV2(containerName string, options v2.RequestOptions) (map[string]v2.ContainerInfo, error)

	// Get information about all subcontainers of the specified container (includes self).
	SubcontainersInfo(containerName string, query *info.ContainerInfoRequest) ([]*info.ContainerInfo, error)

	// Gets all the Docker containers. Return is a map from full container name to ContainerInfo.
	AllDockerContainers(query *info.ContainerInfoRequest) (map[string]info.ContainerInfo, error)

	// Gets information about a specific Docker container. The specified name is within the Docker namespace.
	DockerContainer(dockerName string, query *info.ContainerInfoRequest) (info.ContainerInfo, error)

	// Gets spec for all containers based on request options.
	GetContainerSpec(containerName string, options v2.RequestOptions) (map[string]v2.ContainerSpec, error)

	// Gets summary stats for all containers based on request options.
	GetDerivedStats(containerName string, options v2.RequestOptions) (map[string]v2.DerivedStats, error)

	// Get info for all requested containers based on the request options.
	GetRequestedContainersInfo(containerName string, options v2.RequestOptions) (map[string]*info.ContainerInfo, error)

	// Returns true if the named container exists.
	Exists(containerName string) bool

	// Get information about the machine.
	GetMachineInfo() (*info.MachineInfo, error)

	// Get version information about different components we depend on.
	GetVersionInfo() (*info.VersionInfo, error)

	// GetFsInfoByFsUUID returns the information of the device having the
	// specified filesystem uuid. If no such device with the UUID exists, this
	// function will return the fs.ErrNoSuchDevice error.
	GetFsInfoByFsUUID(uuid string) (v2.FsInfo, error)

	// Get filesystem information for the filesystem that contains the given directory
	GetDirFsInfo(dir string) (v2.FsInfo, error)

	// Get filesystem information for a given label.
	// Returns information for all global filesystems if label is empty.
	GetFsInfo(label string) ([]v2.FsInfo, error)

	// Get ps output for a container.
	GetProcessList(containerName string, options v2.RequestOptions) ([]v2.ProcessInfo, error)

	// Get events streamed through passedChannel that fit the request.
	WatchForEvents(request *events.Request) (*events.EventChannel, error)

	// Get past events that have been detected and that fit the request.
	GetPastEvents(request *events.Request) ([]*info.Event, error)

	CloseEventChannel(watchID int)

	// Returns debugging information. Map of lines per category.
	DebugInfo() map[string][]string

	AllPodmanContainers(c *info.ContainerInfoRequest) (map[string]info.ContainerInfo, error)

	PodmanContainer(containerName string, query *info.ContainerInfoRequest) (info.ContainerInfo, error)

The Manager interface defines operations for starting a manager and getting container and machine information.

func New

func New(memoryCache *memory.InMemoryCache, sysfs sysfs.SysFs, HousekeepingConfig HousekeepingConfig, includedMetricsSet container.MetricSet, collectorHTTPClient *http.Client, rawContainerCgroupPathPrefixWhiteList, containerEnvMetadataWhiteList []string, perfEventsFile string, resctrlInterval time.Duration) (Manager, error)

New takes a memory storage and returns a new manager.

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