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func FileExists

func FileExists(file string) bool

func FixCpuMask

func FixCpuMask(mask string, cores int) string

Returns a mask of all cores on the machine if the passed-in mask is empty.


type TimedStore

type TimedStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A time-based buffer for ContainerStats. Holds information for a specific time period and/or a max number of items.

func NewTimedStore

func NewTimedStore(age time.Duration, maxItems int) *TimedStore

Returns a new thread-compatible TimedStore. A maxItems value of -1 means no limit.

func (*TimedStore) Add

func (s *TimedStore) Add(timestamp time.Time, item interface{})

Adds an element to the start of the buffer (removing one from the end if necessary).

func (*TimedStore) Get

func (s *TimedStore) Get(index int) interface{}

Gets the element at the specified index. Note that elements are output in LIFO order.

func (*TimedStore) InTimeRange

func (s *TimedStore) InTimeRange(start, end time.Time, maxResults int) []interface{}

Returns up to maxResult elements in the specified time period (inclusive). Results are from first to last. maxResults of -1 means no limit.

func (*TimedStore) Size

func (s *TimedStore) Size() int

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