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Package query defines the graph session interface general to all query languages.



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var ErrParseMore = errors.New("query: more input required")


func Languages added in v0.6.0

func Languages() []string

Languages returns names of registered query languages.

func RegisterLanguage added in v0.6.0

func RegisterLanguage(lang Language)

RegisterLanguage register a new query language.


type HTTP added in v0.4.1

type HTTP interface {
	ShapeOf(string) (interface{}, error)
	Results() (interface{}, error)

type Language added in v0.6.0

type Language struct {
	Name    string
	Session func(graph.QuadStore) Session
	REPL    func(graph.QuadStore) REPLSession
	HTTP    func(graph.QuadStore) HTTP

	HTTPQuery func(ctx context.Context, qs graph.QuadStore, w ResponseWriter, r io.Reader)
	HTTPError func(w ResponseWriter, err error)

Language is a description of query language.

func GetLanguage added in v0.6.0

func GetLanguage(lang string) *Language

GetLanguage returns a query language description. It returns nil if language was not registered.

type REPLSession added in v0.6.0

type REPLSession interface {
	FormatREPL(Result) string

type ResponseWriter added in v0.6.0

type ResponseWriter interface {
	Write([]byte) (int, error)

ResponseWriter is a subset of http.ResponseWriter

type Result added in v0.6.0

type Result interface {
	Result() interface{}
	Err() error

func ErrorResult added in v0.6.0

func ErrorResult(err error) Result

func TagMapResult added in v0.6.0

func TagMapResult(m map[string]graph.Value) Result

type Session

type Session interface {
	// Runs the query and returns individual results on the channel.
	// Channel will be closed when function returns.
	Execute(ctx context.Context, query string, out chan Result, limit int)

func NewSession added in v0.6.0

func NewSession(qs graph.QuadStore, lang string) Session

NewSession creates a new session for specified query language. It returns nil if language was not registered.

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