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Package options provides a shared interface to common probe options.



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type AdditionalLabel added in v0.10.5

type AdditionalLabel struct {
	Key string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AdditionalLabel encapsulates additional labels to attach to probe results.

func ParseAdditionalLabel added in v0.11.3

func ParseAdditionalLabel(alpb *configpb.AdditionalLabel) *AdditionalLabel

ParseAdditionalLabel parses an additional label proto message into an AdditionalLabel struct.

func (*AdditionalLabel) KeyValueForTarget added in v0.10.5

func (al *AdditionalLabel) KeyValueForTarget(targetName string) (key, val string)

KeyValueForTarget returns key, value pair for the given target.

func (*AdditionalLabel) UpdateForTarget added in v0.10.5

func (al *AdditionalLabel) UpdateForTarget(ep endpoint.Endpoint)

UpdateForTarget updates addtional label based on target's name and labels.

type Options

type Options struct {
	Targets             targets.Targets
	Interval, Timeout   time.Duration
	Logger              *logger.Logger
	ProbeConf           interface{} // Probe-type specific config
	LatencyDist         *metrics.Distribution
	LatencyUnit         time.Duration
	Validators          []*validators.Validator
	SourceIP            net.IP
	IPVersion           int
	StatsExportInterval time.Duration
	LogMetrics          func(*metrics.EventMetrics)
	AdditionalLabels    []*AdditionalLabel

Options encapsulates common probe options.

func BuildProbeOptions added in v0.10.2

func BuildProbeOptions(p *configpb.ProbeDef, ldLister endpoint.Lister, globalTargetsOpts *targetspb.GlobalTargetsOptions, l *logger.Logger) (*Options, error)

BuildProbeOptions builds probe's options using the provided config and some global params.

func DefaultOptions added in v0.10.6

func DefaultOptions() *Options

DefaultOptions returns default options, capturing default values for the various fields.

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