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Package memory supplies fake in-memory implementations for testing purposes.



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type MutationLogs

type MutationLogs map[int64][]batch // Map of logID to Slice of LogMessages

MutationLogs is a fake, in-memory implementation of a keyserver.MutationLogss. All requests are presumed to be for the same domainID. TODO(gbelvin): Support multiple domainIDs, if tests call for it. MutationLogs is NOT threadsafe.

func NewMutationLogs

func NewMutationLogs() MutationLogs

NewMutationLogs creates a new fake MutationLogs.

func (MutationLogs) AddLogs

func (m MutationLogs) AddLogs(_ context.Context, _ string, logIDs ...int64) error

AddLogs adds logIDs to the mutation database.

func (MutationLogs) HighWatermark

func (m MutationLogs) HighWatermark(_ context.Context, _ string, logID int64, start water.Mark,
	batchSize int32) (int32, water.Mark, error)

HighWatermark returns the highest watermark batchSize items beyond start.

func (MutationLogs) ListLogs

func (m MutationLogs) ListLogs(_ context.Context, _ string, writable bool) ([]int64, error)

ListLogs returns a sorted list of logIDs.

func (MutationLogs) ReadLog

func (m MutationLogs) ReadLog(_ context.Context, _ string,
	logID int64, low, high water.Mark, batchSize int32) ([]*mutator.LogMessage, error)

ReadLog returns mutations between [low, high). Always returns complete batches. ReadLog will return more items than batchSize if necessary to return a complete batch.

func (MutationLogs) Send

func (m MutationLogs) Send(_ context.Context, _ string, logID int64, mutation ...*pb.EntryUpdate) (water.Mark, error)

Send stores a batch of mutations in a given logID.

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