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Package mutationstorage defines operations to write and read mutations to and from the database.



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type Mutations

type Mutations struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Mutations implements mutator.MutationStorage and mutator.MutationQueue.

func New

func New(db *sql.DB) (*Mutations, error)

New creates a new Mutations instance.

func (*Mutations) AddLogs

func (m *Mutations) AddLogs(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, logIDs ...int64) error

AddLogs creates and adds new logs for writing to a directory.

func (*Mutations) HighWatermark

func (m *Mutations) HighWatermark(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, logID int64,
	start water.Mark, batchSize int32) (int32, water.Mark, error)

HighWatermark returns the highest watermark +1 in logID that is less than or equal to batchSize items greater than start.

func (*Mutations) HighestRev

func (m *Mutations) HighestRev(ctx context.Context, directoryID string) (int64, error)

HighestRev returns the highest defined revision number for directoryID.

func (*Mutations) ListLogs

func (m *Mutations) ListLogs(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, writable bool) ([]int64, error)

ListLogs returns a list of all logs for directoryID, optionally filtered for writable logs.

func (*Mutations) ReadBatch

func (m *Mutations) ReadBatch(ctx context.Context, domainID string, rev int64) (*spb.MapMetadata, error)

ReadBatch returns the batch definitions for a given revision.

func (*Mutations) ReadLog

func (m *Mutations) ReadLog(ctx context.Context, directoryID string,
	logID int64, low, high water.Mark, batchSize int32) ([]*mutator.LogMessage, error)

ReadLog reads all mutations in logID between [low, high). ReadLog may return more rows than batchSize in order to fetch all the rows at a particular timestamp.

func (*Mutations) Send

func (m *Mutations) Send(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, logID int64, updates ...*pb.EntryUpdate) (water.Mark, error)

Send writes mutations to the leading edge (by sequence number) of the mutations table. Returns the logID/watermark pair that was written, or nil if nothing was written. TODO(gbelvin): Make updates a slice.

func (*Mutations) SetWritable

func (m *Mutations) SetWritable(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, logID int64, enabled bool) error

SetWritable enables or disables new writes from going to logID.

func (*Mutations) WriteBatchSources

func (m *Mutations) WriteBatchSources(ctx context.Context, dirID string, rev int64,
	sources *spb.MapMetadata) error

WriteBatchSources saves the mutations in the database. If revision has already been defined, this will fail.

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