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Package adminserver contains the KeyTransparencyAdmin implementation



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type Batcher

type Batcher interface {
	// WriteBatchSources saves the (low, high] boundaries used for each log in making this revision.
	WriteBatchSources(ctx context.Context, dirID string, rev int64, meta *spb.MapMetadata) error

Batcher writes batch definitions to storage.

type LogsAdmin

type LogsAdmin interface {
	// AddLogs creates and adds new logs for writing to a directory.
	AddLogs(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, logIDs ...int64) error
	// SetWritable enables or disables new writes from going to logID.
	SetWritable(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, logID int64, enabled bool) error
	// ListLogs returns a list of logs, optionally filtered by the writable bit.
	ListLogs(ctx context.Context, directoryID string, writable bool) ([]int64, error)

LogsAdmin controls the lifecycle and scaling of mutation logs.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server implements pb.KeyTransparencyAdminServer

func New

func New(
	tlog tpb.TrillianLogClient,
	tmap tpb.TrillianMapClient,
	logAdmin, mapAdmin tpb.TrillianAdminClient,
	directories directory.Storage,
	logsAdmin LogsAdmin,
	batcher Batcher,
	keygen keys.ProtoGenerator,
) *Server

New returns a KeyTransparencyAdmin implementation.

func (*Server) CreateDirectory

func (s *Server) CreateDirectory(ctx context.Context, in *pb.CreateDirectoryRequest) (*pb.Directory, error)

CreateDirectory reachs out to Trillian to produce new trees.

func (*Server) CreateInputLog

func (s *Server) CreateInputLog(ctx context.Context, in *pb.InputLog) (*pb.InputLog, error)

CreateInputLog returns the created log.

func (*Server) DeleteDirectory

func (s *Server) DeleteDirectory(ctx context.Context, in *pb.DeleteDirectoryRequest) (*empty.Empty, error)

DeleteDirectory marks a directory as deleted, but does not immediately delete it.

func (*Server) GarbageCollect

func (s *Server) GarbageCollect(ctx context.Context, in *pb.GarbageCollectRequest) (*pb.GarbageCollectResponse, error)

GarbageCollect looks for directories that have been deleted before the specified timestamp and fully deletes them.

func (*Server) GetDirectory

func (s *Server) GetDirectory(ctx context.Context, in *pb.GetDirectoryRequest) (*pb.Directory, error)

GetDirectory retrieves the directory info for a given directory.

func (*Server) ListDirectories

func (s *Server) ListDirectories(ctx context.Context, in *pb.ListDirectoriesRequest) (
	*pb.ListDirectoriesResponse, error)

ListDirectories produces a list of the configured directories

func (*Server) ListInputLogs

func (s *Server) ListInputLogs(ctx context.Context, in *pb.ListInputLogsRequest) (*pb.ListInputLogsResponse, error)

ListInputLogs returns a list of input logs for a directory.

func (*Server) UndeleteDirectory

func (s *Server) UndeleteDirectory(ctx context.Context, in *pb.UndeleteDirectoryRequest) (
	*empty.Empty, error)

UndeleteDirectory reactivates a deleted directory - provided that UndeleteDirectory is called sufficiently soon after DeleteDirectory.

func (*Server) UpdateInputLog

func (s *Server) UpdateInputLog(ctx context.Context, in *pb.InputLog) (*pb.InputLog, error)

UpdateInputLog updates the write bit for an input log.

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