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Package monitorstorage holds data produced by the monitor



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var (
	// ErrAlreadyStored is raised if the caller tries storing a response which
	// has already been stored.
	ErrAlreadyStored = errors.New("already stored revision")
	// ErrNotFound is raised if the caller tries to retrieve data for an revision
	// which has not been processed and stored yet.
	ErrNotFound = errors.New("data for revision not found")


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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// Set stores the monitoring result for a specific revision.
	Set(revision int64, r *Result) error
	// Get retrieves the monitoring result for a specific revision.
	Get(revision int64) (*Result, error)
	// LatestRevision returns the highest numbered revision that has been processed.
	LatestRevision() int64

Interface is the interface that stores and retrieves monitoring results. TODO(gbelvin): make multi-tenant.

type Result

type Result struct {
	// Smr contains the map root signed by the monitor in case all verifications
	// have passed.
	Smr *trillian.SignedMapRoot
	// Seen is the timestamp at which the mutations response has been received.
	Seen time.Time
	// Errors contains a string representation of the verifications steps that
	// failed.
	Errors []error

Result describes the monitor's attempt to verify the complete transition from SignedMapRoot (SMR) revision T to revision T+1, having been supplied the set of mutations by which to transform SMR T into SMR T+1.

Result contains the monitor's signature on SMR T if the monitor believes that the transition from T to T+1 is fully correct. It also contains that time at which the monitor observed SMR, and in cases where the verification did not succeed, a list of errors describing the observed problems, and a collection of data by which others can attempt the same verification.

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