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Package mutator defines the operations to transform mutations into changes in the map as well as operations to write and read mutations to and from the database.



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var (
	// MaxMutationSize represent the maximum allowed mutation size in bytes.
	MaxMutationSize = 16 * 1024
	// ErrReplay occurs when two mutations acting on the same entry & revision
	// occur.
	ErrReplay = status.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "mutation replay")
	// ErrSize occurs when the mutation size is larger than the allowed upper
	// bound.
	ErrSize = status.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "mutation: too large")
	// ErrPreviousHash occurs when the mutation the hash of the previous
	// entry provided in the mutation does not match the previous entry
	// itself.
	ErrPreviousHash = status.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "mutation: previous entry hash does not match the hash provided in the mutation")
	// ErrInvalidSig occurs when either the current or previous update entry
	// signature verification fails.
	ErrInvalidSig = status.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "mutation: invalid signature")
	// ErrUnauthorized occurs when the mutation has not been signed by a key in the
	// previous entry.
	ErrUnauthorized = status.Errorf(codes.PermissionDenied, "mutation: unauthorized")


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type LogMessage

type LogMessage struct {
	LogID     int64
	ID        water.Mark
	LocalID   int64
	CreatedAt time.Time
	Mutation  *pb.SignedEntry
	ExtraData *pb.Committed

LogMessage represents a change to a user, and associated data.

type VerifyMutationFn

type VerifyMutationFn func(mutation *pb.SignedEntry) error

VerifyMutationFn verifies that a mutation is internally consistent.

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Package entry implements a simple replacement strategy as a mapper.
Package entry implements a simple replacement strategy as a mapper.

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