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Published: Aug 10, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 12



Package primitiveset provides a container for a set of cryptographic primitives.

It provides also additional properties for the primitives it holds. In particular, one of the primitives in the set can be distinguished as "the primary" one.



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type Entry

type Entry struct {
	KeyID      uint32
	Primitive  interface{}
	Prefix     string
	PrefixType tinkpb.OutputPrefixType
	Status     tinkpb.KeyStatusType
	TypeURL    string

Entry represents a single entry in the keyset. In addition to the actual primitive, it holds the identifier and status of the primitive.

type PrimitiveSet

type PrimitiveSet struct {
	// Primary entry.
	Primary *Entry

	// The primitives are stored in a map of (ciphertext prefix, list of
	// primitives sharing the prefix). This allows quickly retrieving the
	// primitives sharing some particular prefix.
	Entries map[string][]*Entry

PrimitiveSet is used for supporting key rotation: primitives in a set correspond to keys in a keyset. Users will usually work with primitive instances, which essentially wrap primitive sets. For example an instance of an AEAD-primitive for a given keyset holds a set of AEAD-primitives corresponding to the keys in the keyset, and uses the set members to do the actual crypto operations: to encrypt data the primary AEAD-primitive from the set is used, and upon decryption the ciphertext's prefix determines the id of the primitive from the set.

PrimitiveSet is a public to allow its use in implementations of custom primitives.

func New

func New() *PrimitiveSet

New returns an empty instance of PrimitiveSet.

func (*PrimitiveSet) Add

func (ps *PrimitiveSet) Add(p interface{}, key *tinkpb.Keyset_Key) (*Entry, error)

Add creates a new entry in the primitive set and returns the added entry.

func (*PrimitiveSet) EntriesForPrefix

func (ps *PrimitiveSet) EntriesForPrefix(prefix string) ([]*Entry, error)

EntriesForPrefix returns all primitives in the set that have the given prefix.

func (*PrimitiveSet) RawEntries

func (ps *PrimitiveSet) RawEntries() ([]*Entry, error)

RawEntries returns all primitives in the set that have RAW prefix.

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