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This directory contains the core functionality for the protoc plugin go_rest_server, which implements a REST endpoint for Showcase services.




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func Generate

func Generate(plugin *protogen.Plugin) error

func NewGoModel

func NewGoModel(protoModel *protomodel.Model) (*gomodel.Model, error)

NewGoModel creates a new goModel.Model from the given protomodel.Model. It essentially extracts and organizes the data needed to later generate Go source files.

func NewProtoModel

func NewProtoModel(plugin *protogen.Plugin) (*protomodel.Model, error)

NewProtoModel uses the information in `plugin` to create a new protomodel.Model.

func NewRESTBinding

func NewRESTBinding(methodName string, rule *annotations.HttpRule, index int) (*protomodel.RESTBinding, error)

NewRESTBinding creates a new protomodel.RESTBinding using the given methodName, rule, and index.

func NewRESTRequestPattern

func NewRESTRequestPattern(rule *annotations.HttpRule) (*protomodel.RESTRequestPattern, error)

NewRESTRequestPattern creates a new protomodel.RESTRequestPattern by analyzing the rule provided.

func NewService

func NewService(protoPackage string, descriptor *descriptorpb.ServiceDescriptorProto) *protomodel.Service

NewService creates a protomodel.Service from the given descriptor.

func NewServiceBinding

func NewServiceBinding(service *protomodel.Service, method *descriptor.MethodDescriptorProto, rule *annotations.HttpRule, index int) error

NewServiceBinding adds `rule` (as the `index`th binding for `method`) to the specified `service`.

func NewView

func NewView(model *gomodel.Model) (*goview.View, error)

NewView creates a a new goview.View (a series of files to be output) from a gomodel.Model. The current approach is to generate one file per service, with that file containing all the service's RPCs. An additional file `genrest.go` is also created to register all these handlers with a gorilla/mux dispatcher.


type Namer

type Namer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Namer keeps track of a series of symbol names being used in order to disambiguate new names.

func NewNamer

func NewNamer() *Namer

NewNamer returns a new Namer.

func (*Namer) Get

func (namer *Namer) Get(newName string) string

Get registers and returns a non-previously registered name that is as close to newName as possible. Disambiguation, if needed, is accomplished by adding a numeric suffix.


Path Synopsis
Package pbinfo provides convenience types for looking up protobuf elements.
Package pbinfo provides convenience types for looking up protobuf elements.

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