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Go Util

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💪 Useful utils for the Go: string, array/slice, map, format, CLI, ENV, filesystem, testing and more.

  • arrutil array/slice util functions
  • dump Simple variable printing tool, printing slice, map will automatically wrap each element and display the call location
  • cliutil CLI util functions
  • envutil ENV util for check current runtime env information
  • fmtutil format data util functions
  • fsutil filesystem util functions
  • jsonutil JSON util functions
  • maputil map util functions
  • mathutil math util functions
  • netutil network util functions
  • strutil string util functions
  • testutil test help util functions





Package github.com/gookit/goutil/arrutil

// source at arrutil/arrutil.go
func Reverse(ss []string)
func StringsRemove(ss []string, s string) []string
func TrimStrings(ss []string, cutSet ...string) (ns []string)
func GetRandomOne(arr interface{}) interface{}
// source at arrutil/check.go
func IntsHas(ints []int, val int) bool
func Int64sHas(ints []int64, val int64) bool
func StringsHas(ss []string, val string) bool
func HasValue(arr, val interface{}) bool
func Contains(arr, val interface{}) bool
func NotContains(arr, val interface{}) bool
// source at arrutil/convert.go
func ToInt64s(arr interface{})(ret []int64, err error)
func MustToInt64s(arr interface{}) []int64
func SliceToInt64s(arr []interface{}) []int64
func ToStrings(arr interface{})(ret []string, err error)
func MustToStrings(arr interface{}) []string
func SliceToStrings(arr []interface{}) []string
func StringsToInts(ss []string) (ints []int, err error)

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/cliutil

// source at cliutil/cliutil.go
func LineBuild(binFile string, args []string) string
func BuildLine(binFile string, args []string) string
func String2OSArgs(line string) []string
func StringToOSArgs(line string) []string
func ParseLine(line string) []string
func QuickExec(cmdLine string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ExecLine(cmdLine string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ExecCmd(binName string, args []string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ExecCommand(binName string, args []string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ShellExec(cmdLine string, shells ...string) (string, error)
func CurrentShell(onlyName bool) (path string)
func HasShellEnv(shell string) bool
// source at cliutil/read.go
func ReadInput(question string) (string, error)
func ReadLine(question string) (string, error)
func ReadFirst(question string) (string, error)
func ReadFirstByte(question string) (byte, error)
func ReadFirstRune(question string) (rune, error)
// source at cliutil/read_nonwin.go
func ReadPassword(question ...string) string

cmdline parse:

package main

import (


func main() {
	args := cliutil.ParseLine(`./app top sub --msg "has multi words"`)

	s := cliutil.BuildLine("./myapp", []string{
		"-a", "val0",
		"-m", "this is message",
	fmt.Println("Build line:", s)


PRINT AT github.com/gookit/goutil/cliutil_test.TestParseLine(line_parser_test.go:30)
[]string [ #len=5
  string("./app"), #len=5
  string("top"), #len=3
  string("sub"), #len=3
  string("--msg"), #len=5
  string("has multi words"), #len=15

Build line: ./myapp -a val0 -m "this is message" arg0

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/dump

// source at dump/dump.go
func Std() *Dumper
func Reset()
func Config(fn func(opts *Options))
func Print(vs ...interface{})
func Println(vs ...interface{})
func Fprint(w io.Writer, vs ...interface{})
// source at dump/dumper.go
func NewDumper(out io.Writer, skip int) *Dumper
func NewWithOptions(fn func(opts *Options)) *Dumper
func NewDefaultOptions(out io.Writer, skip int) *Options

example code:

package main

import "github.com/gookit/goutil/dump"

// rum demo:
// 	go run ./dump/_examples/demo1.go
func main() {

func otherFunc1() {
		[]string{"ab", "cd"},
		[]int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11}, // len > 10
			"key": "val", "sub": map[string]string{"k": "v"},
		struct {
			ab string
			Cd int
			"ab", 23,


nested struct

source code at dump/dumper_test.TestStruct_WithNested


Package github.com/gookit/goutil/envutil

// source at envutil/envutil.go
func VarParse(str string) string
func ParseEnvValue(val string) (newVal string)
// source at envutil/get.go
func Getenv(name string, def ...string) string
func Environ() map[string]string
// source at envutil/info.go
func IsWin() bool
func IsWindows() bool
func IsMac() bool
func IsLinux() bool
func IsMSys() bool
func IsWSL() bool
func IsTerminal(fd uintptr) bool
func StdIsTerminal() bool
func IsConsole(out io.Writer) bool
func HasShellEnv(shell string) bool
func IsSupportColor() bool
func IsSupport256Color() bool
func IsSupportTrueColor() bool

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/fmtutil

// source at fmtutil/format.go
func DataSize(bytes uint64) string
func PrettyJSON(v interface{}) (string, error)
func StringsToInts(ss []string) (ints []int, err error)
func ArgsWithSpaces(args []interface{}) (message string)
// source at fmtutil/time.go
func HowLongAgo(sec int64) string

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/fsutil

// source at fsutil/check.go
func Dir(fpath string) string
func Name(fpath string) string
func FileExt(fpath string) string
func Suffix(fpath string) string
func PathExists(path string) bool
func IsDir(path string) bool
func FileExists(path string) bool
func IsFile(path string) bool
func IsAbsPath(aPath string) bool
func IsImageFile(path string) bool
func IsZipFile(filepath string) bool
// source at fsutil/finder.go
func EmptyFinder() *FileFinder
func NewFinder(dirPaths []string, filePaths ...string) *FileFinder
func ExtFilterFunc(exts []string, include bool) FileFilterFunc
func SuffixFilterFunc(suffixes []string, include bool) FileFilterFunc
func PathNameFilterFunc(names []string, include bool) FileFilterFunc
func DotFileFilterFunc(include bool) FileFilterFunc
func ModTimeFilterFunc(limitSec int, op rune, include bool) FileFilterFunc
func GlobFilterFunc(patterns []string, include bool) FileFilterFunc
func RegexFilterFunc(pattern string, include bool) FileFilterFunc
func DotDirFilterFunc(include bool) DirFilterFunc
func DirNameFilterFunc(names []string, include bool) DirFilterFunc
// source at fsutil/fsutil.go
func OSTempFile(pattern string) (*os.File, error)
func TempFile(dir, pattern string) (*os.File, error)
func OSTempDir(pattern string) (string, error)
func TempDir(dir, pattern string) (string, error)
func ExpandPath(path string) string
func Realpath(path string) string
func MimeType(path string) (mime string)
func ReaderMimeType(r io.Reader) (mime string)
// source at fsutil/operate.go
func Mkdir(dirPath string, perm os.FileMode) error
func MkParentDir(fpath string) error
func MustReadFile(filePath string) []byte
func ReadExistFile(filePath string) []byte
func OpenFile(filepath string, flag int, perm os.FileMode) (*os.File, error)
func QuickOpenFile(filepath string) (*os.File, error)
func CreateFile(fpath string, filePerm, dirPerm os.FileMode) (*os.File, error)
func MustCreateFile(filePath string, filePerm, dirPerm os.FileMode) *os.File
func CopyFile(src string, dst string) error
func MustCopyFile(src string, dst string)
func MustRemove(fpath string)
func QuietRemove(fpath string)
func DeleteIfExist(fpath string) error
func DeleteIfFileExist(fpath string) error
func Unzip(archive, targetDir string) (err error)

files finder:

package main

import (


func main() {
	f := fsutil.EmptyFinder()

		// NoDotDir().
		Each(func(filePath string) {

		EachStat(func(fi os.FileInfo, filePath string) {
			fmt.Println(filePath, "=>", fi.ModTime())

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/jsonutil

// source at jsonutil/jsonutil.go
func WriteFile(filePath string, data interface{}) error
func ReadFile(filePath string, v interface{}) error
func Encode(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)
func Decode(json []byte, v interface{}) error
func Pretty(v interface{}) (string, error)
func StripComments(src string) string

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/maputil

// source at maputil/convert.go
func KeyToLower(src map[string]string) map[string]string
func ToStringMap(src map[string]interface{}) map[string]string
func HttpQueryString(data map[string]interface{}) string
// source at maputil/maputil.go
func MergeStringMap(src, dst map[string]string, ignoreCase bool) map[string]string
func GetByPath(key string, mp map[string]interface{}) (val interface{}, ok bool)
func Keys(mp interface{}) (keys []string)
func Values(mp interface{}) (values []interface{})

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/mathutil

// source at mathutil/convert.go
func Int(in interface{}) (int, error)
func MustInt(in interface{}) int
func ToInt(in interface{}) (iVal int, err error)
func Uint(in interface{}) (uint64, error)
func MustUint(in interface{}) uint64
func ToUint(in interface{}) (u64 uint64, err error)
func Int64(in interface{}) (int64, error)
func MustInt64(in interface{}) int64
func ToInt64(in interface{}) (i64 int64, err error)
func Float(in interface{}) (float64, error)
func ToFloat(in interface{}) (f64 float64, err error)
func MustFloat(in interface{}) float64
// source at mathutil/number.go
func IsNumeric(c byte) bool
func Percent(val, total int) float64
func ElapsedTime(startTime time.Time) string
func DataSize(size uint64) string
func HowLongAgo(sec int64) string
// source at mathutil/random.go
func RandomInt(min, max int) int

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/structs

// source at structs/alias.go
func NewAliases(checker func(alias string)) *Aliases
// source at structs/data.go
func NewMapData() *MapDataStore
// source at structs/tags.go
func ParseTags(v interface{}) error
func ParseReflectTags(v reflect.Value) error
func ParseTagValue(str string) maputil.SMap
func ParseTagValueINI(field, str string) (mp maputil.SMap, err error)

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/strutil

// source at strutil/bytes.go
func NewByteChanPool(maxSize int, width int, capWidth int) *ByteChanPool
// source at strutil/check.go
func IsNumeric(c byte) bool
func IsAlphabet(char uint8) bool
func IsAlphaNum(c uint8) bool
func StrPos(s, sub string) int
func BytePos(s string, bt byte) int
func RunePos(s string, ru rune) int
func HasOneSub(s string, subs []string) bool
func HasAllSubs(s string, subs []string) bool
func IsStartOf(s, sub string) bool
func IsEndOf(s, sub string) bool
func Len(s string) int
func Utf8len(s string) int
func ValidUtf8String(s string) bool
func IsSpace(c byte) bool
func IsSpaceRune(r rune) bool
func IsBlank(s string) bool
func IsBlankBytes(bs []byte) bool
func IsSymbol(r rune) bool
// source at strutil/convert.go
func String(val interface{}) (string, error)
func MustString(in interface{}) string
func ToString(val interface{}) (string, error)
func AnyToString(val interface{}, defaultAsErr bool) (str string, err error)
func Byte2str(b []byte) string
func Byte2string(b []byte) string
func ToBytes(s string) (b []byte)
func ToBool(s string) (bool, error)
func MustBool(s string) bool
func Bool(s string) (bool, error)
func Int(s string) (int, error)
func ToInt(s string) (int, error)
func MustInt(s string) int
func Ints(s string, sep ...string) []int
func ToInts(s string, sep ...string) ([]int, error)
func ToIntSlice(s string, sep ...string) (ints []int, err error)
func ToArray(s string, sep ...string) []string
func Strings(s string, sep ...string) []string
func ToStrings(s string, sep ...string) []string
func ToSlice(s string, sep ...string) []string
func ToOSArgs(s string) []string
func ToTime(s string, layouts ...string) (t time.Time, err error)
// source at strutil/encode.go
func Base64(str string) string
func B64Encode(str string) string
func URLEncode(s string) string
func URLDecode(s string) string
// source at strutil/find_similar.go
func NewComparator(src, dst string) *SimilarComparator
func Similarity(s, t string, rate float32) (float32, bool)
// source at strutil/format.go
func Lowercase(s string) string
func Uppercase(s string) string
func UpperWord(s string) string
func LowerFirst(s string) string
func UpperFirst(s string) string
func Snake(s string, sep ...string) string
func SnakeCase(s string, sep ...string) string
func Camel(s string, sep ...string) string
func CamelCase(s string, sep ...string) string
// source at strutil/id.go
func MicroTimeID() string
func MicroTimeHexID() string
// source at strutil/random.go
func Md5(src interface{}) string
func GenMd5(src interface{}) string
func RandomChars(ln int) string
func RandomCharsV2(ln int) string
func RandomCharsV3(ln int) string
func RandomBytes(length int) ([]byte, error)
func RandomString(length int) (string, error)
// source at strutil/strutil.go
func Trim(s string, cutSet ...string) string
func TrimLeft(s string, cutSet ...string) string
func TrimRight(s string, cutSet ...string) string
func FilterEmail(s string) string
func Split(s, sep string) (ss []string)
func Substr(s string, pos, length int) string
func Padding(s, pad string, length int, pos uint8) string
func PadLeft(s, pad string, length int) string
func PadRight(s, pad string, length int) string
func Repeat(s string, times int) string
func RepeatRune(char rune, times int) (chars []rune)
func RepeatBytes(char byte, times int) (chars []byte)
func Replaces(str string, pairs map[string]string) string
func PrettyJSON(v interface{}) (string, error)
func RenderTemplate(input string, data interface{}, fns template.FuncMap, isFile ...bool) string
func RenderText(input string, data interface{}, fns template.FuncMap, isFile ...bool) string

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/sysutil

// source at sysutil/exec.go
func QuickExec(cmdLine string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ExecLine(cmdLine string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ExecCmd(binName string, args []string, workDir ...string) (string, error)
func ShellExec(cmdLine string, shells ...string) (string, error)
func FindExecutable(binName string) (string, error)
func Executable(binName string) (string, error)
func HasExecutable(binName string) bool
// source at sysutil/sysenv.go
func LoginUser() *user.User
func UserHomeDir() string
func UHomeDir() string
func HomeDir() string
func ExpandPath(path string) string
func UserDir(subPath string) string
func UserCacheDir(subPath string) string
func UserConfigDir(subPath string) string
func Hostname() string
func IsWin() bool
func IsWindows() bool
func IsMac() bool
func IsLinux() bool
func IsMSys() bool
func IsConsole(out io.Writer) bool
func IsTerminal(fd uintptr) bool
func StdIsTerminal() bool
func CurrentShell(onlyName bool) (path string)
func HasShellEnv(shell string) bool
func IsShellSpecialVar(c uint8) bool
// source at sysutil/sysutil_nonwin.go
func Kill(pid int, signal syscall.Signal) error
func ProcessExists(pid int) bool

Package github.com/gookit/goutil/testutil

// source at testutil/httpmock.go
func NewHttpRequest(method, path string, data *MD) *http.Request
func MockRequest(h http.Handler, method, path string, data *MD) *httptest.ResponseRecorder
// source at testutil/testutil.go
func DiscardStdout() error
func ReadOutput() (s string)
func RewriteStdout()
func RestoreStdout() (s string)
func RewriteStderr()
func RestoreStderr() (s string)
func MockEnvValue(key, val string, fn func(nv string))
func MockEnvValues(kvMap map[string]string, fn func())
func MockOsEnvByText(envText string, fn func())
func MockOsEnv(mp map[string]string, fn func())

Code Check & Testing

gofmt -w -l ./
golint ./...
go test ./...

Gookit packages

  • gookit/ini Go config management, use INI files
  • gookit/rux Simple and fast request router for golang HTTP
  • gookit/gcli Build CLI application, tool library, running CLI commands
  • gookit/slog Lightweight, easy to extend, configurable logging library written in Go
  • gookit/color A command-line color library with true color support, universal API methods and Windows support
  • gookit/event Lightweight event manager and dispatcher implements by Go
  • gookit/cache Generic cache use and cache manager for golang. support File, Memory, Redis, Memcached.
  • gookit/config Go config management. support JSON, YAML, TOML, INI, HCL, ENV and Flags
  • gookit/filter Provide filtering, sanitizing, and conversion of golang data
  • gookit/validate Use for data validation and filtering. support Map, Struct, Form data
  • gookit/goutil Some utils for the Go: string, array/slice, map, format, cli, env, filesystem, test and more
  • More, please see https://github.com/gookit





Package goutil Useful utils for the Go: int, string, array/slice, map, format, cli, env, filesystem, testing and more.



This section is empty.


This section is empty.


func AnyToString added in v0.3.10

func AnyToString() string

AnyToString TODO

func Filling

func Filling(form interface{}, model interface{}) error

Filling filling a model from submitted data form 提交过来的数据结构体 model 定义表模型的数据结构体 相当于是在合并两个结构体(data 必须是 model 的子集)

func FuncName added in v0.1.2

func FuncName(f interface{}) string

FuncName get func name

func GetCallStacks added in v0.3.8

func GetCallStacks(all bool) []byte

GetCallStacks stacks is a wrapper for runtime. Stack that attempts to recover the data for all goroutines. from glog package

func GetCallersInfo added in v0.3.13

func GetCallersInfo(skip, max int) (callers []string)

GetCallersInfo returns an array of strings containing the file and line number of each stack frame leading

func Go

func Go(f func() error) error

Go is a basic promise implementation: it wraps calls a function in a goroutine and returns a channel which will later return the function's return value. from beego/bee

func PanicIfErr added in v0.3.7

func PanicIfErr(err error)

PanicIfErr if error is not empty

func Panicf added in v0.3.9

func Panicf(format string, v ...interface{})

Panicf format panic message use fmt.Sprintf

func PkgName added in v0.1.2

func PkgName(funcName string) string

PkgName get current package name Usage:

funcName := runtime.FuncForPC(reflect.ValueOf(fn).Pointer()).Name()
pgkName := goutil.PkgName(funcName)


type Value added in v0.2.6

type Value struct {
	// V value
	V interface{}

Value data store

func (Value) Bool added in v0.2.13

func (v Value) Bool() bool

Bool value

func (Value) Float64 added in v0.2.13

func (v Value) Float64() float64

Float64 value

func (Value) Int added in v0.2.6

func (v Value) Int() int

Int value

func (Value) Int64 added in v0.2.6

func (v Value) Int64() int64

Int64 value

func (Value) IsEmpty added in v0.2.6

func (v Value) IsEmpty() bool

IsEmpty value

func (*Value) Reset added in v0.2.6

func (v *Value) Reset()

Reset value

func (Value) String added in v0.2.6

func (v Value) String() string

String value

func (Value) Strings added in v0.2.6

func (v Value) Strings() (ss []string)

Strings value

func (Value) Val added in v0.2.6

func (v Value) Val() interface{}

Val get


Path Synopsis
Package arrutil provides some util functions for array, slice
Package arrutil provides some util functions for array, slice
Package cliutil provides some util functions for CLI
Package cliutil provides some util functions for CLI
Package dump like fmt.Println but more pretty and beautiful print Go values.
Package dump like fmt.Println but more pretty and beautiful print Go values.
Package httpctype list some common http content-type
Package httpctype list some common http content-type
Package strutil provide some string,char,byte util functions
Package strutil provide some string,char,byte util functions

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