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Package sha3 implements the SHA3 hash algorithm (formerly called Keccak) chosen by NIST in 2012. This file provides a SHA3 implementation which implements the standard hash.Hash interface. Writing input data, including padding, and reading output data are computed in this file. Note that the current implementation can compute the hash of an integral number of bytes only. This is a consequence of the hash interface in which a buffer of bytes is passed in. The internals of the Keccak-f function are computed in keccakf.go. For the detailed specification, refer to the Keccak web site (



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func NewKeccak224

func NewKeccak224() hash.Hash

The NewKeccakX constructors enable initializing a hash in any of the four recommend sizes from the Keccak specification, all of which set capacity=2*outputSize. Note that the final NIST standard for SHA3 may specify different input/output lengths. The output size is indicated in bits but converted into bytes internally.

func NewKeccak256

func NewKeccak256() hash.Hash

func NewKeccak384

func NewKeccak384() hash.Hash

func NewKeccak512

func NewKeccak512() hash.Hash


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